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    Lehigh underway at #2 North Dakota State
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    GSU pitch hits the turf and Maine recovers trailing GSU 35-23 3:42 3Q
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    Maine comes back with a long pass then throws it in for the TD trailing GSU 35-23
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    12886 attendance in Paulson Stadium
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    2 plays later GSU throws a 25 yd TD pass to lead Maine 35-17 7:32 3Q
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    GSU intercepts Smith inside the Maine 30, 8:20 3Q leading 28-17
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    8:42 3Q GSU runs it in, replay overruled it then another penalty put GSU back at 15, next play run to the 1, next play run TD to lead Maine 28-17
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    3Q kick taken by Maine 6 plays for the TD pass 11:59 trailing GSU 21-17
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    After a slow start Maine has stabilized a bit and Georgia Southern is having a nightmare of yellow flags...

    So Montana is going to Sam Houston State next week for one semifinal

    I wanted to give a shout out to the RFG guys and gals and all those at the Maine tent for their pregame hospitality
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    GSU runs it in anyway with 35 seconds before the half to lead Maine 21-10
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    GSU is rolling up penalty yardage ... about 8 penalties so far
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    Maine was stopped inside the GSU 5 and got the FG to trail 14-10
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    GSU turns it over on downs leading Maine 14-7 9:47 2Q
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    GSU driving again, convert a 4th down
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    2Q GSU leading the game 14-7 and TOP GSU 13:57; Maine 1:03
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    After a good 1st return, Boone breaks the 2nd return breaks for a Maine 91 yd TD, 2:34 1Q trailing GSU 14-7
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    Sam Houston is cruising - scoring again after an INT and GSU ran it in again
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    GSU's McKinnon making plays again in the secondary getting the INT on Maine's first drive
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    Underway here as GSU and Swope are off and running down the field - plus some passing and GSU takes the 7-0 lead with a Shaw 2yd dive
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    Alabama A&M 6-0 over Grambling in the 2Q in the SWAC Champ game
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