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  1. Big Sky Spring Notes

    The spring practices across the country are starting and much of the country is getting the football fever again. Here are the returning All-Big Sky members from a year ago, along with some key transfers that may make an instant impact onto their teams.

    RETURNING PLAYERS PER TEAM (Were on All-BSC Team & FBS/FCS Transfers)

    Chris Powers, Jr., Center
    Taiwan Jones, Jr., Running Back
    Renard Williams, Jr., Defensive Tackle
  2. Will Montana Leave FCS?

    In reading the following article, it sounds very possible. WIth selling out Washington-Grizzly Stadium virtually every game over the past 10+ years, I would say the lure of a higher revenues might be too much for the university to overlook. Of course, we all know the history of move-ups. Just in the Big Sky Conference, we see a couple successes and what I would consider failures.

    http://www.championshipsubdivisionne...idering?blog=2 ...
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  3. Eastern Washington Going Ahead with the Red Turf

    Like I mentioned before, I don't think this is a good idea but EWU officials seem dead set on moving forward with this project. I am all for replacing the natural surface in Cheney that sees its field torn up by year's end but seeing a full field of red is going to be tough to watch especially considering EWU wears full red uniforms and pants (at least as of today).

    The blue turf of former Big Sky member Boise State is one thing, which is at least close to the normal color of grass. ...
  4. Frisco vs. Chattanooga

    I really have no issues of either city gaining the D-I title game for the future. But for fun, I took a look at all the D-I and D-II (looked at both as a number of the D-II teams that played in the D-II title games now are members of FCS) title games played in the state of Texas and compared the attendence of those games vs. those in Chatty. The attendance averages are as follows: Texas--9,261 & Chatty--17,215.

    Of course, none of the Texas cities were in the immediate Dallas-Fort ...
  5. Wilson's Battle

    All the fights seen on the football field pale in comparison to those seen by Jimmy Wilson. Wilson was a key member on the semi-final team at Montana in the 2006 season. That following offseason saw him charged with manslaughter.

    In the past three years, Wilson has gone from NFL hopeful to LA County inmate. After two trials, he is finally a free man and is hoping for one more season of college ball.

    Here is a great article from Roman Stubbs of the Montana Kaimin ...
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