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    The kickoff is a touchback. NDSU will have the ball at their own 25 to start the game.
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    Towson won the coin toss and will defer to the second half. NDSU will get the ball first.
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    The weather is going to be relatively warm but windy today. The high temperature is expected to be around 60 degrees but a stiff 25 mph wind will make the kicking game a little iffy as it is coming from the west, so there will be a side wind at Toyota Stadium.
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    Here are some photos from the stadium, the press conferences from both NDSU and Towson and also from the NDSU pep rally at Dr. Pepper Park.

    To note, there were over 10.000 NDSU fans at the pep fest. What a showing by the Bison fans!!
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    What a day of games and a bit of off-the-field news as well.

    The biggest upset was Coastal Carolina going to Missoula and beating Montana. Southeasten Louisiana won their first playoff game over two time finalist Sam Houston State. Jacksonville State upset McNeese State. New Hampshire (sort of) upset Maine (although they also beat the Black Bears in the regular season).

    But #1 seed North Dakota State, #2 seed Eastern Illinois, and #3 seed Eastern Washington all won rather easily in the end.

    The bigger news tonight is the fate of NDSU Coach Craig Bohl. Several reports are out that he will be at the University of Wyoming tomorrow to take that school's head coaching opening. Timing on that move is tough when we are in the middle of the playoffs. More to come on that developing story tomorrow.

    The results today, have the following quarterfinal games and dates/times have been announced from the NCAA:
    Friday: #7 Towson @ #2 Eastern Illinois 8:00pm Eastern

    Saturday: Coastal Carolina @ #1 North Dakota State 12:00pm Eastern
    Jacksonville State @ #3 Eastern Washington 4:00pm Eastern
    New Hampshire @ #4 Southeastern Louisiana 7:00pm Eastern
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    This was the battle of the top two teams and lived up to all the hype.

    What a game!!!!
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    1st & 10 at the NDSU 36. Kneel down by Jensen. Time out UNI--their last. 1:08 to play.

    2nd & 11 at the NDSU 35. Another kneel down by Jensen.

    3rd & 13 at the NDSU 33. Last kneel down and the game is over.

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    1st & 10 at the NDSU 34. Pass incomplete to Isaac Lintz.

    2nd & 10 at the NDSU 34. Pass incomplete to Johnson up the middle.

    3rd & 10 at the NDSU 34. C.J. Smith intercepts the Kollmorgan pass at the NDSU 36 and will take over.
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    4th & 1 at the UNI 31. NDSU will go and Ojuri gets the carry and doesn't get the first.

    UNI takes over at the NDSU 34.
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    First timeout for UNI after a 3 yard gain by Ojuri.

    3rd & 4 at the UNI 34. Ojuri carries but only gets 3. 2nd time out UNI.
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    1st & 10 at the NDSU 34. Ojuri with a huge carry to the UNI 40.

    1st & 10 at the UNI 40. Crockett to the outside and gets pushed out of boundsd with 1:44 left after a 3 yard gain.
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    This place is going bananas now.

    Two incomplete passes by Kollmorgan.

    3rd & 10 at the UNI 17. Another incomplete pass.

    4th & 10 at the UNI 17 and UNI will punt wih 2:32 left in the game.

    Fair catch by NDSU at their own 34. 2:24 left in the game.
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    Huge drive by the Bison there. Jensen lead the way.

    The NDSU kickoff is returned only to the UNI 17.
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    1st & 10 at the UNI 26. Jensen keeps on the option and gets 7.

    2nd & 3 at the UNI 19. Ojuri up the midde for the touchdown of 19 yards.

    PAT is good.

    NDSU 24 UNI 23 with 2:52 left in the game.

    NDSU take the lead for the first time in the game.
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    1st & 10 at the UNI 48. Ojuri sweep for 6.

    2nd & 4 at the UNI 41. Deep pass play and UNI interfers with the receiver to move it forward 15 yards.
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    3rd & 6 at the NDSU 44. Jensen runs on a delay up the middle for a first down.
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    Back to the game. THis is a huge 3rd down for NDSU of 3rd & 6. at their own 44.
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    The cart is out to carry off Jake Farley right now.
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    1st & 10 at the NDSU 40. Jensen up the middle for 1.

    2nd & 9 at the NDSU 41. Ojuri up the middle for 3. Jake Farley appears hurt rather badly on the play.
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    1st & 10 at the NDSU 23. Wahloo,Jr. with a two yard loss.

    2nd & 12 a tthe NDSU 21. Smith with a catch for 3.

    3rd & 9 at the NDSU 25. Incomplete pass to Smith but UNI has a hands to the face foul to give NDSU a first down.
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