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    Iowa gets the first on a pass play to Fiedorowicz for 12 and Weisman gets 14 on a rund on the next play to set up Iowa 1st & 10 at the UNI 46.
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    Vandenberg looks bad on a comeback throw to Davis for an incomplete.

    Weisman for six on the 2nd down play to set up a 3rd & 4 from the 33.
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    The UNI kickoff goes to the four and returned out to the Hawkeye 27.
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    Johnson catches the pass but gains just 14 to the Iowa 8. UNI will be in field goal formation for a 25 yard attempt and Sieverson hits it to bring UNI within 8.

    Iowa 24 UNI 16 with 2:47 left in the 3rd qtr.

    Holding call on the drive was the critical error to prevent the TD.
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    Phil Wright gets his first catch of the game but for just three yards to set up 2nd & 17 from the Iowa 22.

    Kollmorgen's pass is overthrown to Owens for a 3rd & 17 play.
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    Anderson gives Johnson a break on the next play but UNI is called for holding to send them back ot the 25 for a 1st & 20 from there.
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    Johnson for another seven yard run gain on the first down play to the Iowa 27.

    And its Johnson again on a screen pass for 12 to the Iowa 15.
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    Johnson gets nine on the next play on another swing pass to the Iowa 40.

    Johnson gets six on the next play for another 1st down at the Iowa 34.
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    Johnson with a nice seven yard run up the middle for the Panthers

    2nd & 3 from the 47, Owens catches the swing pass for a four yard gain to get a 1st down at the Iowa 49.
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    Iowa with a terrible punt of just 11 yards to set UNI up in great field position at their own 40. We ahve 7:42 left in the 3rd qtr with Iowa still up by 11.
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    UNI stops Iowa for a three and out to bail out the INT. Iowa to punt from their 49.
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    Kollmorgen is picked off on the next play by Tom Dontatell from Iowa at the Iowa 42. Terrible pass there as it did not appear as if any Panther receiver was in the area even.
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    Kollmorgen overthrows LeMaster on the first down play and Anderson on the second down play.

    3rd & 10 for UNI.
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    Weisman for three on 1st down and Vandenberg is forced to throw it away on 2nd down.

    3rd & 7 at the 23 for Iowa and Weisman can't handle the pass from Vandenberg to Iowa their first three and out.

    The punt from Conor Kornbrath is faircaught by Anderson at the UNI 37. 10:02 left in the 3rd qtr.
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    Johnson is short of the first down with no gain and UNI is three and out. Bernard is in to punt and sends to the end zone. 1st & 10 Iowa at the 20. We ahve 10:59 left in the 3rd qtr.
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    Two Johnson runs has the Panthers in a 3rd and 2. Need to get this for UNI.
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    Carlos Anderson returns the kickoff from the goalline out to the UNI 36. Nice start for the Panthers with this return.
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    Not what the doctor ordered for UNI in giving up some big chunks through the air on this past drive. Iowa doing a good job of mixing in the pass game with the power running game to keep the Panther defense guessing.

    Next drive for the Panthers is almost a must score drive the way the Iowa offense is going right now.
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    Weisman is the running back for Iowa and gets 3 on first down. Better job of getting to the ball carrier there for the Panthers.

    The Iowa TE Fiedorowicz gets 12 on the 2nd down play for a 1st down for the Hawkeyes.

    Martin-Manley gets 51 one the next play on a catch & run to set up a 1st & goal. Weisman gets his third TD of the game on the next play. PAT is good.

    Iowa 24 UNI 13 with 13:10 left in the 3rd qtr.
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    The UNI kickoff goes into the end zone for a touchback. Iowa ball at its own 25 but there is a offsides call on UNI so they will move it out to the 30.
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