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  1. Kent's Avatar
    NDSU set to receive the opening 2nd half kickoff as the sun starts to peak out.
  2. Kent's Avatar
    The biggest halftime stats show that SHSU should probably be up larger.

    SHSU has won the turnover margin, +2.
    SHSU has a slight advantage in yardage with 133 to 120 for NDSU.

    The key will be to see if the turnovers stay in SHSU's favor and if both defenses can continue to be at the pace they have held in the first half.

    Both teams in the past have had very good turnarounds in the second half. SHSU in the third quarter mainly and NDSU in the fourth quarter.

    NDSU will get the ball first in the second half and will try to do something that they have not been very good in the second quarter with three, 3 and outs to end the half.
  3. rwallace's Avatar
    I remember people at earlier championship games that hated defensive battles. being a fan of defense -a middle linebacker and center myself- I adore it. Give me the trenches where it is all about inches.
  4. Kent's Avatar
    NDSU will punt and look for heavy pressure on this. Voightlander gets it off and SHSU gets nothing. Just 4 seconds left so I would expect a kneel down.

    That is what happens. Halftime.

    Sam Houston State 6 North Dakota State 3.
  5. Kent's Avatar
    NDSU is trying to go. Jensen hits Holloway on the first play but just for 2 and then is incomplete on 2nd down.

    McNorton catches the pass but losses four. SHSU uses their last timeout with 14 seconds left.
  6. Kent's Avatar
    NDSU has all three timeouts left but they do receive the second half kickoff so I have to wonder if the Bison will just down it to go to the half.

    Williams return is just to their own 21.
  7. Kent's Avatar
    Trey Diller catches the ball but is short of the 1st down. SHSU has a 31 yard attempt by Alaniz and it is good.

    SHSU takes their first lead with 40 seconds left in the opening half. SHSU 6 NDSU 3.
  8. Kent's Avatar
    Two incomplete passes for Bell to set up a 3rd & 10 from the 19
  9. Kent's Avatar
    SHSU has it with a 3rd & 8 at the NDSU 36. Torrance Williams with a great catch to the NDSU 19.
  10. Kent's Avatar
    Brtandon Closner with a great punt return to set SHSU with the ball at the NDSU 38.
  11. Kent's Avatar
    Jensen nearly throws another interception on a tip from Holloway. NDSU's offense is seeing the SHSU defensive pressure and it appearst to be getting to them.

    McNorton carries for just a yard on 3rd down. SHSU takes a time out.

    NDSU will be forced to punt with a 4th & 9 at their 25. We have 1:57 left.
  12. Kent's Avatar
    SHSU with a nearly perfect kickoff to the corner of the endzone but Williams returns to the NDSU 24. Jensen is back in there at QB.
  13. Kent's Avatar
    Both defenses have proven in the red zone that they are capiable of stopping their opponent.

    This is a big last possession before the half. We shall see how Jensen is too for NDSU.
  14. Kent's Avatar
    Craig Alaniz's FG of 24 yards is good. We have ourselves the defensive struggle like I thought we would have.

    SHSU 3 NDSU 3 with 2:18 left in the opening half.
  15. rwallace's Avatar
    you wanna say what about NDSU defense?????
  16. Kent's Avatar
    NDSU sends SHSU back a yard on two plays. SHSU has it 3rd & goal at the 7.

    Bell's pass is dropped by Ryan Wilson. Missed opportunity for SHSU there.
  17. Kent's Avatar
    1st & goal at the 6 for SHSU. We will see if NDSU's defense can hold SHSU like SHSU held NDSU down this close
  18. rwallace's Avatar
    you wanna say what about Flanders?
  19. Kent's Avatar
    Flanders nearly went the distance on this play. He gets 13 and steps out at the NDSU 16.

    SHSU finally is showing some offensive life with Flanders.
  20. rwallace's Avatar