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    We have 4:13 left in the game.
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    Rennie throws a bomb to Terrell Sinkfield for a touchdown. The PAT is good and UNI takes a 20 -9 lead.

    79 yards, 6 plays, 2:53 on the drive.
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    UNI is driving on this drive. They are at the ISU 36 currently and face a 2nd & 9.

    We ahve 4:30 left in the game.
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    Two David Johnson runs gets the Panthers into ISU territory at their 49.
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    ISU's Cheeseborough fumbles on the next play and UNI recovers at their 21.

    We have 7:06 left in the game.
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    ISU is faced with a third down but Fouch passes for the first down to Riston. The Sycamores are down to the UNI 28. with 7:15 left.
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    Attendence is 16,890 in the dome--third best attendence in school history.
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    ISU goes backwards and has another 3rd down & 13 at their own 29.

    Fouch hits Leonard Riston to keep the drive going. The Sycamores are out to the UNI 42.

    We have 9:30 left in the game.
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    A pass to Hilton for the first down goes for not after a holding call on the Sycamores. It is now 3rd & 18.

    This pass from Fouch goes incomplete but there is an offsides on UNI to now give ISU another down.

    It is 3rd & 13 from the 22.

    Fouch is intercepted by L.J. Fort for an apperant touchdown but UNI is called for holding.

    ISU keeps the ball and gets a first down.
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    ISU will face another 3rd down after a long pass incompletion and a short Cheeseborough run. It is 3rd and 8 at the 27.
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    Fouchs hits Hilton on 3rd down out to the 25 yard line.
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    ISU gets it out to their own 6 but have a 3rd & 6 from there.
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    UNI goes for it and is stopped. ISU takes over at their own 2 at the 14:30 mark.
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    Rennie keeps it on a QB sweep and is stopped at the one. UNI takes a timeout to discuss this 4th and goal play. We have 14:37 left in the game.
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    After two runs, UNI is down to the ISU 2. That ends the 3rd qtr.

    UNI will have a 3rd & goal as we start the 4th qtr.
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    Rennie hits Brett LeMaster on a long pass play just as he was hit to set up a 1st & goal at the six.
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    Two small runs has UNI with a 3rd & 8 at the 38.

    Rennie scrabbles for the first down and gets it down to the Sycamore 43.
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    Two runs by Johnson has UNI out to their own 36.
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    Lough get the run on 3rd down and gains just a yard so it is a 27 yard FG attempt that goes wide right.

    It remains 13-9 UNI with 4:45 left in the 3rd.
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    Cheesebourough has two runs to set up a 3rd & 4 from the UNI 10.
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