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    Minnesota converts the first down but a Coulter Boyer sack and an incompletion has U of M at a 3rd and 12
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    Minnesota has a third down and 6 after two plays.
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    The NDSU kickoff is returned to the Minnesota 29.
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    Jensen scores on a 1 yard qb keeper on the first play of the 2nd qtr. NDSU ties the game at 7- 7 with 14:57 left in the 1st half.
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    A pass by Bison QB Brock Jenson to WR Warren Halloway and a nice run by DJ McNorton has NDSU down to the Gopher 1 yard line as we end the first qtr.

    NDSU will have it 1st & goal from the 1 as we start the 2nd qtr.
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    An offside foul by Minnesota keeps the drive going. NDSU 1st 10 from the Gopher 17
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    NDSU is down to the Gopher 22 and now face a 3rd and 4 to keep the drive alive.
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    NDSU had now driven down to the Minnesota 34 but face a 3rd and 4 now.
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    NDSU is hurt by a 15 yard chop block penality and now face a 3rd and 16.

    NDSU get sacked but a 15 yard illegal hands to the face by Minnesota keeps this drive alive at their own 44 currently.
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    The Minnesota kickoff is returned by Ryan Smith out to the Bison 35 yard line.
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    Minnesota has a 1st & goal now at the 4 and get in from there on the first play. Minnesota leads 7 - 0 qirh 8:39 left in the first qtr.
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    Minnesota gets another first down down to the NDSU 16.
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    Minnesota converts their second 3rd down play. Currently the Gophers are down to the NDSU 33.

    We have 11:35 left in the opening qtr.
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    Minnesota converts a 3rd and 9 with a 16 yard pass to their own 49.
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    Minnesota returns the opening kickoff out to their own 21 but an block in the back foul on NDSU (some how) so they will start at their own 32.
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    Minnesota won the toss and will receive the opening kickoff.
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    Final in Columbina. Missouri 69 Western Illinois 0.
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    WIU goes three and out Missouri takes over on the WIU 40.
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    Missouri is driving on this drive started by the interception. Missouri has a third and goal from the 4.

    Missouri fumbles the ball and WIU takes over on their own 17.
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    Missouri intercepts Hudson on the first play from scrimmage on the next drive.

    Missouri takes over on the 38 of WIU.
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