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Chuck B.

  1. Week 3 FCS Picks (9/15/2011-9/17/2011)

    Once again, a pretty good week in a rough week to be picking FCS games.

    I went 18-8, only really getting burned on the biggest shocker of the day (South Dakota over Eastern Washington) and going overaggressive on an FBS upset that very nearly happened (Central Arkansas lost to Louisiana Tech in OT).

    More happily, I called Towson's "upset" over Villanova, Sacramento State's letdown againt Southern Utah, and even Duquesne's bounceback game vs. Dayton. Those ...
  2. Week 2 FCS Picks, Part One (9/8/2011-9/10/2011)

    I went 18-6 last Saturday, adding to my 17-1 to make for a nice 35-7 record to start out the year, or a torrid 83.3% success rate.

    Some of my flops were big ones - I missed the two big FBS upsets (picking Sacramento State to lose to Oregon State and Duke to lose to Richmond), while missing on a host of other FBS upsets that I went a little nuts with (Southeast Louisiana over Tulane? McNeese State over Kansas? James Madison over North Carolina?).

    But some nice hits ...
  3. Week 1 FCS Picks, Part Two (9/2/2011-9/3/2011)

    I went a torrid 17-1 in picking the first 18 games of the season, including getting a squeaker by Northwestern State over Delta State (D-II), a close, high-scoring win by Eastern Illinois over Illinois State, and a hard-fought win by UMass over Holy Cross.

    The only game I got wrong was the only FCS over FBS upset I picked - New Hampshire, um, didn't quite give Toledo a game, losing big, 58-22.

    Today, I pick the Friday games (which don't require a sentence), and selected ...
  4. Week 1 FCS Picks, Part One (9/1/2011)

    It's a brand new year, with no mistakes yet in it, as I undertake another vague attempt at entertaining, and informing with my FCS picks.

    Tune in tomorrow for my picks over the weekend, but check out my picks for all the games involving FCS teams tonight.

    No need for a sentence on these:

    [B][I]Louisville (FBS) 56, Murray State 3
    Morehead State 28, Kentucky Christian (NAIA) 17
    (18) Stephen F. Austin 70, McMurry (NAIA) 5
    Georgia Tech (FBS) ...

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