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  1. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    Pierce broke free on the right side for a 19 yard run. Delaware really uses the pass to set up the run so effectively.
  2. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    Two more punts. A generous call of "offsetting penalties" after a late hit by SS Anthony Bratton. Was New Hampshire LB Matt Evans even on the field? That's who the ref said the offsetting foul was on.
  3. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    The missed kicks could end up biting Delaware. We'll see. One TD gives UNH the lead.
  4. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    Punt downed at the one foot line. A beautiful punt by New Hampshire. Even I could have downed that at the 1 foot line.
  5. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    Announcers say that LB Matt Marcorelle was unable to go tonight, but Delaware's other six front defenders have been great. LB Andrew Harrison, though, has to sit out a play, which could expose a depth issue there if he has to sit out an extended time.

    Didn't matter on 3rd and 9, though, as Toman only got 2 yards. What a surprise - another punt.
  6. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    There's a beautiful Devlin pass down the left side for a TD to White! Nice play by Devlin to sense the rush and deliver the ball on the left side of the field.

    The extra point is... NO GOOD. Uh oh. Delaware 9, New Hampshire 3, 7:09 left, 3rd Q.
  7. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    The third quarter sees an exchange of punts once again. Some energy in the crowd as the punt is partially blocked by the Hens. First and 10 about the 40 yard line of Delaware.
  8. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    Wind may be more of a factor than people think. Wind direction played a part last week, even though it didn't reflect in the final score.
  9. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    Delaware did a pretty good job against Lehigh, I felt. Notably was the blocking of the backs out of the backfield, who picked up the blitz very well. UNH's 4-3 is one of the best in FCS, though. Worthy of mention is that Uhll moved from guard to tackle last week - it may not have made a difference last week, but this week, against McNally at the tough UNH front four, may be different.

    A badly shanked FG ends the half. Delaware 3, New Hampshire 3.
  10. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    LB Matt Evans with a huge sack of Devlin, maybe even getting them out of field goal range. Hope you like defense!
  11. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    Rob Jones redeems his punt return ability with a great catch on the left side, turning around and getting both feet in bounds and stopping the clock.
  12. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    Penalties a big factor, as a bonehead late hit on the receiver results in a first down on this drive. If New Hampshire is behind at half, they only have themselves to blame.
  13. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    I tend to agree with you that injuries are a factor, especially on the UNH side. QB R.J. Toman was not well enough to start last weekend, and RB Dontra Peters is not 100% either, so New Hampshire is definitely a step slower than earlier in the season.

    Also, both teams are operating on six days of prep instead of seven. And don't understimate the effect of travel. The Wildcats flew down to balmy Florida and back, and now are playing in sub-zero temperatures in Newark. I have to believe that has an effect, too.

    As for the Hens, they are not really a speed team. They are built for effeciency and ball control.
  14. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    A promising drive after a kickoffout of bounds got nowhere, after an untimely penalty (New Hampshire's fifth already) and now the Wildcats punt away. Delaware gets the ball back with plenty of time - around 2 minutes - to possibly score again.
  15. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    RB David Hayes stopped in a huge upend tackle by DB Dino Vasso! 3rd and 2, that was a huge stop.

    25 yard FG attempt is good after a time-consuming driveby Delaware. Delaware 3, UNH 3, 3:00 left in 1st half.
  16. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    Delaware's offense isn't flashy, but they pick you apart. Devlin 8/8 on this drive.
  17. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    I agree Dave, a physical battle going on out there and players on both sides are banged up.
  18. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    Big DT Steve Young is down with an injury, looks like a poke to the eye. For UNH's sake hope it not a serious injury - he's an important run-stuffer on that Wildcat "D" line.
  19. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    Crosby with a first down, and Delaware is getting into a rhythm offensively. Delaware mostly getting it down through the air, too.
  20. Chuck B.'s Avatar
    Delaware finally getting a drive going. Wonder if the cold is affecting Delaware QB Pat Devlin, as he holds his hands behind himself to keep his hands warm. Either that or UNH's tough pass rush.
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