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Chuck B.

  1. Sources Say Ole Miss OC Kent Austin Will Be New Cornell Head Coach

    As reported by the [URL=""]Associated Press[/URL] and a [URL=""]local talk radio outfit[/URL], it's confirmed that the next head coach of the Big Red will be [B]Kent Austin[/B], formerly of the Ole Miss Rebels:

    [IMG][/IMG][QUOTE]Former Saskatchewan Roughrider ...
  2. Ancient Eight To Negotiate National TV Package?

    In the relatively quiet world of the Ivy League and televising of regional football games, the following announcement on Bloomberg [URL=""]about a possible national Ivy League TV package[/URL] is bound to send some shockwaves:

    [QUOTE]Ivy League Executive Director Robin Harris said she wants to negotiate national television agreements to show football, basketball and possibly lacrosse and soccer games.

    Updated 01-22-2010 at 04:39 PM by Chuck B.

  3. FCS at the East-West Shrine Game

    For those of you looking for FCS players who might get a shot at being drafted in the NFL later this Spring, a great place to look is the [URL=""]East-West Shrine game[/URL], taking place in Orlando, FL at 3PM this Saturday (to be televised on ESPN2).

    Here's a list of some of the FCS players on the roster:

    [URL=""][B]QB ...

    Updated 01-26-2010 at 10:07 AM by Chuck B.

  4. Former Lafayette LB Blake Costanzo Continues to Haunt Me

    As many people know, I'm [URL=""]a Lehigh guy[/URL]. While I don't wish ill from any players from Lehigh's big rival Lafayette, admittedly I did think that I had heard the last of [B]LB Blake Costanzo[/B] after his Leopards beat Lehigh in 2005 in [URL=""]a game of tears for Lehigh fans[/URL].

    Lately, though, Mr. Costanzo has been haunting ...
  5. FCS Veteran Reid is Committed to UVA

    [B]Jim Reid[/B], veteran of UMass, Richmond, Bucknell, and VMI, recently joined the staff former Richmond head football (and FCS Championship) coach [B]Mike London[/B] at FBS Virginia. Aside from the interesting fact that Reid was once London's boss, he also mentioned[URL=""] this funny story on [I]The Good Ol' Blog[/I][/URL] which details why he's probably going to stay in Virginia a while:

    [QUOTE]ďAt age 59, it would just be great to just ...
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