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Chuck B.

  1. Cornell Head Coaching Search and Chaos Theory

    Remember the Chaos Theory: when a butterfly flaps its wings in Laos, a kicker has a chip-shot field goal sail wide right to give Villanova a win against Richmond? (Or something like that.)

    Well, in this case, [URL=""]according to this blog in Cornell's student paper[/URL], when a head coach in sunny Los Angeles, California decides to leave town, sometimes a head coaching in Western New York search gets an intriguing subplot:
  2. FCS History: Georgia Takes On FCS Programs

    No, I'm not talking about the last three FCS matchups from the Georgia Bulldogs, where they [URL=""]made mincemeat of Western Carolina 45-16[/URL] (2007) [URL=""]throttled Georgia Southern 45-21[/URL] (2008), or [URL=""]shut ...
  3. What's Another Blog?

    [I]"By day, he's an unassuming, mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Bugle. But at night, he fights the good fight for truth, justice, and [B]the CSN Way[/B]!"[/I]

    Well, that's not [U]exactly[/U] how it is. But some days it sure feels a lot like that.

    I'm Chuck B., and I write the [B]CSN Way[/B] here at College Sporting News, as well as occasionally veering into my own [B]CSN Diary[/B] column on occasion as well when I attend a particularly interesting ...
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