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  1. Is What We've Expected about to Happen?

    By this time tomorrow, it would appear, we will know the answer as to whether Appalachian State and Georgia Southern are leaving the Southern Conference, meaning those two FCS power football programs will be stepping up to FBS.

    Both schools have scheduled news conferences for Wednesday regarding a "major announcement" and the "future of Eagle athletics." Multiple media reports indicate the likely announcement for both will be acceptance of an invitation to join ...
  2. Catamounts Get Us Started

    Let's see. New offense. New unis. Renewed hope.

    Western Carolina brings all three to downtown Atlanta Sept. 1 as the first team in the So South region - the Southern and Big South conferences - to take the field in the 2011 season. They'll look good in the new uniforms and will seek to look good in the new Pistol offense. Head coach Dennis Wagner and staff installed the Pistol after visiting and researching the offense at a few FBS schools. Of course, like all the other schools, the ...
  3. Paladins Honor the Past at Spring Game

    Furmanís current head coach, Bobby Lamb, dipped into the history of the schoolís football program to add a nice touch to the routine by asking former head coaches Art Baker and Dick Sheridan to lead the teams in the spring game on April 17.

    Itís been a while since the Paladins ran mostly a game format in its spring game, but Lamb chose to do that this year. It worked well, enabling not only the return of two coaches that meant so much to Furman football but also facilitating the continued ...