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  1. Eagles For Erk, the Erk Russell Statue Project

    In the huddle the play was called 370 A Middle. On third down and 10 with 14 seconds left, the legend began. Tracy Ham dropped back and found Frankie Johnson in the back of the endzone to win the first of Erk Russell's three NCAA Division I National Championships at Georgia Southern University. The play would become known as "The Catch" in GSU lore.
    The legendary bald eagle. Erk Russell is a Football Championship Subdivision icon. He is the spirit of GSU and the FCS. He created every significant ...
  2. Lamar Moves Forward, SFA's Moses Tabbed One of Nation's Best QBs

    Lamar continues to move forward with their vision of putting a successful football program together, one that could catapult it to the ranks of a [url=]Football Bowl Subdivision[/url] (FBS) entry.

    This week, Lamar University president James Simmons [url=]announced that seven new suites will be built[/url] and leased ...
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  3. Mission Accomplished: Frisco

    The NCAA had a decision to make this week regarding the Division I Football Championship game.

    Would Chattanooga, Tenn., the host for the last 13 years retain their hosting duties or could Frisco, Texas earn the rights to host the game?

    Around mid-day, a [url=]press release from the NCAA[/url] began to circulate with the lead of, "Frisco, Texas, has been selected as the ...
  4. Countdown Continues for FCS Title Game Decision, UT-Arlington Next?

    The host of the Division I Football Championship game could be decided next Thursday when teams from Frisco and Chattanooga make their final presentations. Though the results will not be known until early March, next Thursday's presentation will be the final chance for the two bid teams to make their pitch.

    In order to help their case, the Southland Conference is making their final push to get fans to visit [url=][/url]. ...
  5. NCAA Shows Flexibility to Frisco, La. Schools Could Avoid Budget Cuts

    Richard Durett of [url=]announced an NCAA decision[/url] in his most recent writing pertaining to the NCAA Division I Football Championship Game.

    In his article, Durrett quotes Southland Conference Commissioner Tom Burnett, who says the NCAA would work with "local officials and ESPN" to shift the date of the game in 2011, since it would be head to head against the Cotton Bowl.

    This coming ...
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