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  1. Getting Things in Place at UTSA, Lamar and UCA

    In the days since the UTSA announcement that they would be bypassing the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) for the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), even if that means they are an independent, there has been plenty of discussion.

    One site - [url=][/url] announced on their new section that the school's future schedule will include "Oklahoma State, Army, Air Force, Navy, SMU, and Houston, just to name a few. 2013 HOME OPENER ...

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  2. Frisco's Efforts Turn to the Public & Lamar Tops 2k in Season Tix

    The Southland Conference and the partners involved in bringing the NCAA Division I Championship to Pizza Hut Park have picked up their efforts and in doing so, are trying to get fans involved in the selection process.

    As we [url=]discussed previously[/url], the NCAA site survey team recently invited Frisco, Texas as the city made their pitch to host the 2010-12 championship games which are on the ...
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  3. Lamar's Underwhelming Start Yields to Season Ticket Success

    There were some questions as to whether the Beaumont community would be able and willing to support the new Lamar football program. The Cardinal football program went six feet under the last time around due to poor support and as some will attest, poor decision-making.

    As the new Lamar program comes into existence, I can tell you that I am amongst the skeptics who have been surprised by the way things have been done in Beaumont.

    • • •

    For ...

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  4. New Programs Moving Fast to Succeed

    In the Southland Conference, when the talk has not been about the new head coaches around the league, it has centered around the new Football Championship Subdivision programs at UTSA (Texas-San Antonio) and Lamar.

    Each of these programs have made splashes to some degree, the latest coming from San Antonio, Texas as UTSA [url=]announced a million-dollar check written to support the UTSA football program[/url] ...
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  5. Mid-Year Signees Report, Plus More Coaches on the Move

    Lamar has yet to play a game and they have already lost one of their coordinators. Former Sam Houston State and Tarleton State assistant [url=]Tommy Mainord left Lamar[/url] to take an assistant coaching position at Texas Tech. Mainord's dad - Tommy - was one of the assistants who retired or resigned in wake of the coaching change from Mike Leach to Tommy Tuberville. Lamar head coach Ray Woodard has ...
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