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Speaking of the Southland

Let the Battle Begin - UTSA vs Texas State

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In probably the biggest assistant coaching move of the offseason, UTSA confirmed on Wednesday that they had [url=]hired Travis Bush as offensive coordinator[/url] to serve under head coach Larry Coker.

Though the name may not sound familiar to many, nor should it - there are a few things that should resonate around the league. Bush's position prior to Wednesday's formal announcement was that of associate head coach and co-offensive coordinator for Texas State, just down the road from UTSA.

While it may be the norm for assistant coaches at schools within in the conference to take head coaching jobs or position coaches at one school, to become coordinator at another school - this move does leave some questions unanswered.

• • •

Tyler Mayforth of the San Marcos Daily Record [url=]started the discussion[/url] on the hire that left some in the Bobcat fan base scratching their heads.

As noted in Mayforth's article, Bush is an alum of what used to be Southwest Texas State. He is one of the more familiar names in San Marcos, Texas as it pertains to football, started three years for the Bobcats during his playing days before moving on to be an assistant coach under his father, Bruce, at San Marcos High School.

“There are a lot of things involved in the decision that I don’t want to get into right now,” Bush told the SMDR. “It was a strictly career-based decision in working toward the goals I had set for my career.”

This quote led Mayworth to speculate two things as it relates to Bush and his departure from TXST. His first thought was that Bush felt that more could be gained by having Coker on the resume than Wright. His speculation than moved to the fact that Bush was the co-coordinator and wanted full control of the offense from fellow coordinator Ben Norton.

While both points make great speculation for someone that follows the program on a daily basis, we may have just seen the first public move made in what could be a budding rivalry for the Bobcats and Roadrunners, who have already tussled behind the scenes on the recruiting front.

• • •

A 53 mile drive separates these two institutions. With UTSA adding football in 2011 and more than likely joining the Southland Conference in 2013, there has been much to be said about the impact of one program on the next.

Most points begin and end with discussion on the chance of each to move to the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS).

Can UTSA generate the fan base necessary to succeed at FBS, let alone FCS? Does UTSA having football help or hinder the attempt by TXST to move to FBS or vice-versa? Could both schools get involved in what amounts to an arms race that lift the schools to higher levels?

These discussions have been going on since Roadrunners football was a pipe dream and has evolved into a reality.

And now, where does Travis Bush fit into this equation? While some may speculate this his move illustrates with actions what coaches and potentially student-athletes think about the two schools, there just is simply no telling.

Everything is pure speculation. Five or 10 years from now, perhaps we will have an answer on the impact of one school's football program on the other. Of course, it was just five years ago that football at UTSA seemed like a reach and here we are, just days from the first recruiting class being announced.

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