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Don't Envy the FCS Playoff Committee

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It seems every year there is a team or two that got overlooked when this selection committee selects the field. This year, it seems like with the extra four teams, we will have several undeserving teams this year. One thing in the selection, however, that comes down to the final few teams, I would take into account the strength of conference and the seven DI win stipulation.

Here was the strength of conference per the GPI. I would think this would be the determining factor for the final spots in what I would think are the undeserving of spots with each of the conference's 7 win teams.

1. Colonial Athletic Association (22.238)
AQ-William & Mary
DI 7 Wins
-New Hampshire
2. Big Sky Conference (27.111)
AQ-Montana State
DI 7 Wins
-Eastern Washington
3. Missouri Valley Football Conference (29.219)
AQ-Northern Iowa
D1 7 Wins
-Western Illinois
-North Dakota State
4. Southern Conference (30.458)
AQ-Appalachian State
DI 7 Wins
-Georgia Southern
5. Great West Conference (38.375)
No autoqualifier and no teams have the required 7 wins
6. Southland Conference (40.167)
AQ-Stephen F. Austin
7. Ohio Valley Conference (43.708)
AQ-Southeast Missouri State
DI 7 Wins-Jacksonville State
8. Northeast Conference (57.222)
AQ-Robert Morris
DI 7 Wins
9. Ivy League (57.844)
Does not participate in the FCS playoffs
10. Southwestern Athletic Conference (59.95)
Only Jackson State does not have conflitcts with the required DI 7 wins
11. Big South Conference (61.750)
AQ-Coastal Carolina
DI 7 Wins
12. Patriot League (64.089)
DI 7 Wins
13. Independents (66.438)
DI 7 Wins
-Old Dominion
14. Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (67.194)
DI 7 Wins
-South Carolina State
-Florida A&M
15. Pioneer Football League (68.938)
No auto qualifier from this league
DI 7 Wins

Here are the qualifiers via their conference's automatic bids:
2 Appalachian State SoCon 9-2
4 William & Mary CAA 7-3
5 Stephen F. Austin SLC 9-2
7 Montana State Big Sky 9-2
9 Northern Iowa MVFC 7-4
17 Southeast Missouri State OVC 9-2
31 Bethune-Cookman MEAC 10-1
38 Robert Morris NEC 8-2
40 Lehigh PL 9-2
68 Coastal Carolina Big South 6-5

Also using the GPI, here is a further look at the at-large canidates (and where I think the committee would order these teams).

1 Delaware CAA 9-2 (Will slip slightly with their loss to Villanova but still are an at-large lock #1)
3 Eastern Washington BSC 9-2 (tied witht Montana State for the Big Sky crown and are an at-large lock #2)
6 Jacksonville State OVC 9-2 (lost to Tennessee Tech on Saturday but with nine wins are a an at-large lock #3)
8 New Hampshire CAA 7-4 (Given this ranking and the fact that the CAA is the top ranked conference, are an at-large lock #4)
10 Wofford SoCon 9-2 (Another lock given their record, at-large lock #5)
11 Villanova CAA 7-4 (Given their win over top ranked Delaware to close out the season, they should be at-large lock #6)
15 North Dakota State MVFC 7-4 (lost to Missouri State by three in the third ranked best conference, Western Illinois and Georgia Southern will get selected before the Bison but they will not drop below the 10th best GPI team--At-Large #9)
20 Georgia Southern SoCon 7-4 (Likely in with their win over Furman--At-Large #7)
21 Western Illinois MVFC 7-4 (Likely in with their win over Northern Iowa--At-Large #8)
36 Jacksonville PFL 10-1 (I believe the last selection will be with the Dolphins to give the PFL their first FCS playoff team, At-Large #10)
47 Liberty Big South 8-3 (The Big South is too low to in the conference list but would not be suprised if the Selection Committee would select them over Jacksonville, which from the Pioneer is the worst FCS conference)
50 South Carolina State MEAC 9-2 (The 50th or worse best team, while having nine wins, should not be selected)
51 Old Dominion Independent 8-3
57 Dayton PFL 10-1
59 Jackson State SWAC 8-3
73 Duquesne NEC 7-4
74 Colgate PL 7-4
83 Florida A&M MEAC 8-3

As you can tell, I believe in the GPI and this should be the selection committee should use to select these 10 at-large teams.

So from the West, these are my projections:

Big Sky: Montana State, Eastern Washington
Missouri Valley: Northern Iowa, Western Illinois, North Dakota State
Great West: None
Pioneer: Jacksonville

While the last two or three teams in my opinion are less than playoff deserving, these are the teams that should be selected.

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Updated 11-21-2010 at 05:29 AM by Kent

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  1. Kent's Avatar
    To note, this would put all of the top four conference eligible teams in the playoffs of the CAA (4), Big Sky (2), Missouri Valley (3), and SoCon (3).