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Ralph's Report

Out of the Office

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These past two years have been rocky for me. Serious illness to other dire circumstances have interrupted my full attention from the CSN empire. Now I have to bite the bullet and just step back for a while.

CSN is blessed with some great organizational minds that make my undetermined length of leave a little easier for me. I'll be around doing small bits here and there but CSN continues on in good hands.

As all of us who follow the FCS nationally know, it is not something that just evaporates from the mind. Likewise for me, I'll be watching games/scores/rankings etc. as avidly as ever.

I remember fondly the Road Ralph years, the I-AA Waves, and all the other FCS promos and I hope to be back on the job soon.

Most of all, keep supporting the FCS through sites like:
and of course

Write me if you want at and enjoy this great season!

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