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Chuck B.

Cornell Head Coaching Search and Chaos Theory

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Remember the Chaos Theory: when a butterfly flaps its wings in Laos, a kicker has a chip-shot field goal sail wide right to give Villanova a win against Richmond? (Or something like that.)

Well, in this case, [URL=""]according to this blog in Cornell's student paper[/URL], when a head coach in sunny Los Angeles, California decides to leave town, sometimes a head coaching in Western New York search gets an intriguing subplot:

[QUOTE]After Jim Knowles '87 left Ithaca to reunite with Duke head coach David Sutcliffe, under whom Knowles worked at Ole Miss in 2003, the national search for a new football coach began.

Athletic director Andy Noel was initially said to be interested in six names: Harvard offensive coordinator Joel Lamb; Holy Cross head coach Tom Gilmore; Lafayette offensive coordinator Mickey Fein; former Kansas State head coach and Cornell assistant Ron Prince; Kansas State tight ends coach and former Cornell player and assistant Ricky Rahne '02; and Seattle Seahawks quarterbacks coach and former Cornell player Bill Lazor '94.

At the moment, the particularly interesting, although unconfirmed, of those names is Lazor's: With Pete Carroll leaving USC for the Seattle Seahawks, much of the current Seahawks staff could be shaken up. Carroll has already announced he is bringing along Jeremy Bates, his quarterbacks coach at USC, to the Pacific Northwest.

Since the initial reports, the Cornell vacancy has been linked to Florida tight ends coach Brian White, Nebraska volunteer assistant Joe Moglia (who was a football coach for 16 years ending in 1983 before joining TD Ameritrade and eventually becoming CEO and chairman) and, most recently, Terry Shea, who formerly held head coach positions at San Jose State and Rutgers and also served as Chicago Bears offensive coordinator.

Players said that the first candidate was on campus to be interviewed at the end of last week.[/QUOTE]

If Bill Lazor does indeed get Cornell's head coaching position, fans may have a certain tanned coach in the Pacific Northwest to thank.

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