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New Hampshire @ Delaware

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NEWARK, De. There is something extra special about a Friday night football game. While some people think of high school games on Fridays, it reminds me of championship college football.

More precisely the NCAA Division I Football Championships.

In the past, Friday nights in December have been for one of the two FCS semifinals and the national championship game.

But for the first time ever, we have a quarterfinal-round on ESPN2 on Friday night as New Hampshire and Delaware battle for a trip to the semifinals.

It should be an entertaining game.

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    The defenses have dominated early, but New Hampshire is threatening after being sparked by a one-handed catch from Terrence Fox.
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    After allowing a first down inside the 10, the Blue Hen defense stiffened to force a UNH field goal attempt from 23 yards. Mike McArthur just barely put it through the right upright to make it 3-0 Wildcats in the first period.
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    The ESPN2 camera just focused on Oregon head coach Chip Kelly wandering around Tubby Raymond Field. Kelly, who was the offensive coordinator for Sean McDonnell and UNH for 14 years, was ironically being hassled by a Delaware security guard just as the cameras showed him.
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    UNH is in its sixth quarterfinal in seven years and is trying to reach the semifinals for the first time.
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    Another first for the quarterfinals is replay. The first play to be reviewed shows that a Delaware pass that was called incomplete on the field was indeed incomplete.
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    Delaware was stopped again when UNH defensive end Brian McNally set a single-season Wildcat record with his 12 1/2 sack of the year.

    Coming off a 12-play, 75-yard drive, the Wildcats are looking to add to their 3-0 lead.
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    Anthony Walters of Delaware may be an All-American, but he just got busted for pass interference against UNH.
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    UNH hurt itself on the very next play with a stupid clipping penalty to make it first and 25. R.J. Toman scrambled for no gain on the next play as we reach the end of the first quarter.
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    Among the fans at Tubby Raymond Field for this game is the Vice President of the United States. Joe Biden has been a big Blue Hen fan over the years, making appearances at the 2003 championship game against Colgate and the 2007 championship game against Appalachian State.
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    McNally struck again with another sack on Pat Devlin as the UNH secondary covered the Delaware receivers like a blanket.
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    Delaware's offense has TWO first downs thus far and Ed Wagner has already punted four times.
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    Delaware is ranked 108th in sacks, but the Blue Hens picked up one from Michael Atunrase.
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    A huge mistake by Delaware returnman Ron Jones changed the field position in a hurry. Jones led a punt by Kyle Auffrey get over his head for 67 yards to the seven-yard line.
  14. dcoulson's Avatar
    A seven-minute, 85-yard drive allows Delaware to tie the game on a Mike Perry field goal with just over three minutes left in the first half.
  15. dcoulson's Avatar
    Delaware finally took it first lead with a 24-yard TD pass from Pat Devlin to Nihja White to end a nice drive. But Mike Perry missed the extra point to leave the score at 9-3 with 7:09 left in the third period.

    Devlin was sandwiched by a pair of UNH defensive lineman, McNally being one of them, just as he let go of the ball.
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    Pat Devlin came up with a clutch throw to Mark Schenauer on third and goal to give the Blue Hens a 16-3 lead with 13 minutes left in the game.

    It now clutch time for R.J. Toman and the UNH offense, which has been almost non-existent tonight.
  17. administrator's Avatar
    Terrance Fox has 10 catches tonight, but he isn't getting much support.
  18. dcoulson's Avatar
    R.J. Toman's interception on fourth and nine pretty much sealed UNH's fate. New Hampshire fans seem to think the crucial interception epitomizes Toman's career as the Wildcats' starting QB.
  19. dcoulson's Avatar
    And the final score from Delaware is Blue Hens 16, Wildcats 3. UNH loses in the quarterfinals once again.