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Chuck B.

FCS at the East-West Shrine Game

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For those of you looking for FCS players who might get a shot at being drafted in the NFL later this Spring, a great place to look is the [URL=""]East-West Shrine game[/URL], taking place in Orlando, FL at 3PM this Saturday (to be televised on ESPN2).

Here's a list of some of the FCS players on the roster:

[URL=""][B]QB John Skelton, Fordham[/B][/URL]

[QUOTE]Few people around the nation have seen the 6-foot-5 Skelton play, and this is big a chance for the former Fordham quarterback to showcase his skills to a large audience. He has the size and arm strength NFL teams want in a quarterback, but it remains to be seen whether he can perform against tougher competition than he faced in the Football Championship Series' Patriot League.[/QUOTE]

[URL=""][B]WR Pat Simonds, Colgate[/B][/URL]

[QUOTE]"To be completely honest, a lot of the guys are very good, but I didn't find myself wondering why I was there," said Simonds, a third-team [FCS] All-American as a senior. "The mistakes I've made, I made on my own, not because of what anyone was doing to me. I feel much more confident. I can play with these guys and run and jump with them."

[URL=""][B]TE Clay Harbor, Missouri State[/B][/URL]

[QUOTE]"He will be the fourth Bears' player to appear in the East-West Shrine Game joining kicker Wayne Boyer (1996), tight end Brad St. Louis (1999) and kicker Jon Scifres (2005)."[/QUOTE]

[URL=""][B]CB Patrick Stoudamire, Western Illinois[/B][/URL]

[QUOTE]Stoudamire is an explosive athlete and is the type of corner White will likely have a tough time separating from at the next level. It comes down to how polished and technically sound Stoudamire is in his drop when asked to play in man coverage.[/QUOTE]

[URL=""]QB Matt Nichols, Eastern Washington
TE Nathan Overbay, Eastern Washington[/B][/URL].

[QUOTE]Nichols made the team as a replacement because Oklahoma State's quarterback Zac Robinson dropped out of the game.

"He (Nichols) had called, he had not got a call from a combine and was getting frustrated, I know his agent was working on getting him a big game or a combine," said Greg Grandell, West Valley's head varsity football coach.

"It goes back to relationships in coaching. Matt played for me and Jim, I played for Bob and he called one of his former players, who is connected to the Shrine game," said Grandell. "When the dust settles, it doesn't matter what team you played for, it's all about the kids, and we all care about the kids. Its kind of neat that it was the Eagle-Cub connection that got it done for him."[/QUOTE]

[URL=""][B]DE James Ruffin, Northern Iowa[/B][/URL]

[QUOTE]The West's best small-school player is arguably Northern Iowa's James Ruffin. He had finished in double-digit in sacks the last two seasons. [/QUOTE]

[URL=""][B]RB Pat Paschall, North Dakota State[/B][/URL]

[QUOTE]He is the fourth NDSU player to appear in the East-West Shrine Game joining defensive tackle Phil Hansen (1991), running back Chad Stark (1987) and tackle Lyle Sturgeon (1936).[/QUOTE]

Good luck to everyone.

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