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Chuck B.

FCS Veteran Reid is Committed to UVA

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[B]Jim Reid[/B], veteran of UMass, Richmond, Bucknell, and VMI, recently joined the staff former Richmond head football (and FCS Championship) coach [B]Mike London[/B] at FBS Virginia. Aside from the interesting fact that Reid was once London's boss, he also mentioned[URL=""] this funny story on [I]The Good Ol' Blog[/I][/URL] which details why he's probably going to stay in Virginia a while:

[QUOTE]“At age 59, it would just be great to just have a recruiting area, a couple of recruiting areas, stay in there, welcome high school coaches in to talk some football, to win, and be able to stay here,” Reid said. “The first 19 years, and I promised my wife I wouldn’t make college coaching a transient profession, the first 19 years were spent at the University of Massachusetts and I was going to live and die there. Then I ended up coming to Richmond (chuckles) for two years, to Boston College for a year, to Richmond for nine years, to Syracuse for a year, to Bucknell for a year, to VMI for two years, to the Miami Dolphins for two years. When I said geez I’d like to go to Virginia, she said do you remember that promise you made to me a number of years ago? (laughs) I had to make that promise again. As long as we can do a good job here – no, no, I know we’ll do a good job – as long as I can do a good job here for the University of Virginia and Coach London, I’d like to stay here and win some championships. I remember George Welsh telling me when they redid the facility here, he said we did it right and we can win a National Championship. So that’s the goal.”[/QUOTE]

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