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Ralph's Report

It's All Over

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Oh my, the "offseason" is over. Kids are back or coming back soon to Fall campus practise. Media Relations personnel are back or coming back soon to finish off their prep work for the start of the preseason. Conference media days, team media days, website changes, and new logos/uniforms/names/fields/rosters are all finishing up for the beginning.

EXCITEMENT is building all across the land.

We at College Sporting News are gearing up too. New partners (to be announced soon), new or resumed content, preseason picks/previews/teams, and everything that has made CSN the #1 place for FCS fans is being readied for the 2011 rollout.

Already this year we have added full forums to discuss every story published at CSN, totally revamped our Championship Subdivision News sister site, new free email lists, new social contacts at Facebook/Twitter and RSS, a steady evolution to our main CSN website including putting the bonanza of news right on our front page, and so much more.

CSN is not slowing down and continues to expand every year, always propelled by that special feeling we all get this time of year.

The wait is over, it's all over.

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