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Chuck B.

Week 2 FCS Picks, Part One (9/8/2011-9/10/2011)

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I went 18-6 last Saturday, adding to my 17-1 to make for a nice 35-7 record to start out the year, or a torrid 83.3% success rate.

Some of my flops were big ones - I missed the two big FBS upsets (picking Sacramento State to lose to Oregon State and Duke to lose to Richmond), while missing on a host of other FBS upsets that I went a little nuts with (Southeast Louisiana over Tulane? McNeese State over Kansas? James Madison over North Carolina?).

But some nice hits involved picking Dayton's upset over Robert Morris, almost picking the exact score in the Northern Iowa/Iowa State tilt, and picking a blowout in favor of Bethune-Cookman over Prairie View A&M in the MEAC/SWAC Challenge in Orlando, Florida.

Can I do it again? We'll see, with my picks below.

[B][U]Interesting Games Outside the Top 25[/U][/B]
[B]Duquesne at Dayton.[/B] The Flyers dumped Robert Morris this weekend - will they make it a clean sweep of the NEC this week? No.[B][I] Dandy Dukes 34, Flummoxed Flyers 16.[/I][/B]

[B]Jacksonville at Western Illinois.[/B] A "non-scholarship" team travelling to a "scholarship" school. A blowout for the home team, right? Hardly. [B][I]The Best Dolphins in the State of Florida 35, The Best Leathernecks in the State of Illinois 27.[/I][/B]

[B]Eastern Illinois at Northwestern (FBS).[/B] Will Bob Spoo finally get his win over an FBS school this time around? It will be close... but no. [B][I]Pat Fitzgeralds 34, Spoon-Fed Spoos 24. [/I][/B]

[B]Jackson State vs. Tennessee State[/B] (Southern Heritage Classic in Memphis, TN). Why can't the Tigers - the Tennessee State ones, that is - beat the Mississippi Tigers in their home state? [B][I]No-Miss-Take Tigers 37, Mistak-Tenn Tigers 26[/I][/B].

[B]Morehouse (D-II) vs. Howard[/B] (Nation's Football Classic in Washington, DC). The inaugural Classic game at RFK stadium should be a fun time - but not for the FCS team. [B][I]More House Music 27, Less Howard 23[/I][/B].

[B]North Carolina Central vs. Central State (OH) (D-II)[/B] (Cleveland Classic in Cleveland, OH). Another great "Classic" game - buit in this one, the FCS team reigns supreme. [B][I] Eager Eagles 19, South Central Clevelandites 12[/I][/B].

[B][U]Top 25[/U][/B]
[B](23) South Carolina State at (24) Bethune-Cookman[/B]. The MEAC Championship? In Week 2? Hard to go against the Wildcats at home. [B][I]Wildcats 35, Bulldogs 28[/I][/B].

[B]Robert Morris at (21) Liberty.[/B] The Flames have been licking their chops looking for revenge for this loss last year, which likely kept them from the playoffs. They will not misstep here. [B][I] Flames 49, Colonials 16.
[B](20) Central Arkansas at Louisiana Tech (FBS)[/B]. The Bears are good. La Tech is not. Why not? [B][I]Bears 36, La Tech 29[/I][/B].

[B](19) Villanova at Towson[/B]. Upset alert! [B][I]Tigers 30, Wildcats 23[/I][/B].
(18) Sacramento State at Southern Utah[/B]. The Hornet's win at Oregon State last week was awesome, and historic. But they had better be ready for Southern Utah - it will be a harder game... that they won't win. [B][I]Thunderbirds 40, Hornets 29[/I][/B].

[B]Central Connecticut State at (17) James Madison[/B]. Mickey Matthews will likely be pleased with the grand re-opening of Bridgeforth stadium - because his Dukes will have won. [B][I] Dukes 35, Blue Devils 10[/I][/B].

[B](15) Southern Illinois at Ole Miss (FBS)[/B]. Twice in a row? No. [B][I] Rebs 35, Salukis 29[/I][/B].

[B](16) New Hampshire at (14) Lehigh[/B]. A "show-me" game for Lehigh, after getting creamed at Durham 31-10 last year. It should be a dandy. [B][I]Mountain Hawks 32, Wildcats 30.[/I][/B]

[B][I]Cal Poly at (13) Montana[/I][/B]. The Mustangs always play the Griz tough, and this game will be no exception. [B][I]Mustangs 35, Griz 33[/I][/B].

[B]Wagner at (11) Richmond[/B]. Is it just me, or is this "NEC On the Road" week? [B][I] Spinning Spiders 29, Wagged Wagner 13[/I][/B].

[B](10) Jacksonville State at (25) Chattanooga[/B]. The Gamecocks did not impress me this week, which makes this ripe for Chatty to run away with this as the home team. [B][I]Mocs 41, Gamecocks 17.[/I][/B]

[B](9) Wofford at Clemson (FBS)[/B]. Dinosaur bone meets bowl-bound Tigers. [B][I]FBS Tigers 37, Woofed Terriers 6.[/I][/B]

[B]St. Francis (PA) at (8) North Dakota State[/B]. Bison load up on cupcakes in the preseason before their real nine-game season starts. [B][I]Bison 49, Red Flash [/I][/B]6.

[B]West Chester (D-II) at (7) Delaware[/B]. Speaking of cupcakes... [B][I]Hens 30, Rear-Ended Rams 0.[/I][/B]

[B]UC Davis at (6) Montana State[/B]. Odd, that with all the history between Cal Poly and Montana, UC Davis and Montana State don't share the same type of thing. It won't begin, either, this week. [B][I]Bobcats 35, Aggies 10[/I][/B].
(5) William & Mary at VMI[/B]. The Tribe - can I call them that? - will not allow the Keydets to make this a game. [B][I] Tribal Tribe 44, Konked Keydets 16[/I][/B].

[B]North Carolina A&T at (4) Appalachian State[/B]. Aggies, meet Armanti. Wait, this isn't 2008? [B][I]Apps 56, Aggies [/I][/B]6.

[B](3) Northern Iowa at (12) Stephen F. Austin[/B]. Is the No. 3 team in the country the 1-0 team? No, that would be SFA, who dismantled a high school-caliber team 82-6 last weekend. Is the No. 12 team in the country 0-1? No, that would be UNI, who lost a heartbreaker to FBS Iowa State 21-20 last weekend. One team will be 2-0, and another will be 0-2 this weekend. [B][I]SFA 30, UNI 16[/I][/B].

[B]Tusculum (D-II) at (2) Georgia Southern[/B]. Tuscul-who? [B][I]Eagles 56, Tuscul-Them 3[/I][/B].

[B](1) Eastern Washington at South Dakota[/B]. The Coyotes' home opener comes against the defending national champs. Does it get any harder than that? [B][I]Eagles 47, Yotes 10.[/I][/B]

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