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Ralph's Report

Old Dominion @ Georgia State

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At the Georgia Dome. Like a CAA game. Getting ready to kickoff. ODU in white and Georgia State (I'll call them GSU for brevity) in their blue.

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  1. rwallace's Avatar
    The word for this game is "fast" because these are speed teams. And just like that ODU receives the kick and is at midfield after two plays.
  2. rwallace's Avatar
    ODU gets stopped but kicks a 51 yard FG to go 3-0 at the 12:15 mark of the 1Q.
  3. rwallace's Avatar
    GSU starts at their 10 with their punter in at QB. I read that story on the CSN Log that the starter and 2nd stringer are both suspended.
  4. rwallace's Avatar
    So GSU has to punt but they bring in another guy to kick! Still 3-0 ODU at 11:16 1Q. ODU on their 36.
  5. rwallace's Avatar
    Goodwyn takes off to the GSU 27 on a nifty 30 yard run and frankly some bad tackling.
  6. rwallace's Avatar
    ODU is looking good, except the receiver was wide open in the end zone and the QB waaaaaaay overthrew him. Now it is 4th down and they are kicking.
  7. rwallace's Avatar
    9:19 1Q FG good for ODU, leading GSU 6-0.
  8. rwallace's Avatar
    So the ODU kicker Brown has all the scoring. The seats are orange and you can see almost all of them (if you know what I mean).
  9. rwallace's Avatar
    Once again GSU brings in the 2nd string punter after stalling ... but at the 14 yard line ODU's Vaughn messes the fair catch and GSU recovers. 7:40 1Q ODU up 6-0.
  10. rwallace's Avatar
    GSU Punter/QB Schlecter tried for the end zone pass on 3rd down but threw it behind. But they get the 26 yd FG at 6:07 in the 1Q, narrowing the ODU lead to 6-3.
  11. rwallace's Avatar
    ODU returns the kick big again and starts at their own 47.
  12. rwallace's Avatar
    ODU is a'runnin' at a 6.5 yd an attempt clip.
  13. rwallace's Avatar
    Harper goes off tackle to the GSU 7. ODU is doing a number on GSU so far.
  14. rwallace's Avatar
    Goodwyn runs it in from the 4 for ODU. 3:50 1Q, 13-3 ODU.
  15. rwallace's Avatar
    6 plays, 53 yards, 2 mins on the drive for ODU.
  16. rwallace's Avatar
    So it appears Schlecter's jersey ripped on the last GSU series and he now leads GSU wearing a no-name #15 shirt.
  17. rwallace's Avatar
    Schlecter runs it to the very first GSU first down! at their own 32, 2:27 1Q
  18. rwallace's Avatar
    So he then throws an INT (Simmons got it)!
  19. rwallace's Avatar
    ODU runs it, runs it now 1st and goal at the 2.
  20. rwallace's Avatar
    ODU fumble! Skelton picks it up for GSU and he takes it all the way to the ODU 6, 92 yards!.
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