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David Coulson

Villanova at Towson

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TOWSON, MD. It's better late than never as I traveled the three hours from Lehigh University to Towson University for the second game of my doubleheader as Villanova and Towson open Colonial Athletic Association play.

I arrived in the press box just in time to watch Towson score on a 47-yard screen pass Grant Enders to Dominique Booker as the Tigers took a 7-0 lead.

Both teams moved the ball well on their first drives of the quarter, but only Towson was rewarded.

The last time I was at Johnny Unites Stadium for a regular-season game, it was to watch Hofstra beat Towson. Yes, Hofstra used to play CAA football, for all of you with short-term memory loss.

In driving up to the stadium for this game and walking to the press box, I loved the sense of enthusiasm I felt in the crowd and you couldn't help but notice how many students were making their way to the game.

This is a huge game for these two teams as they battle to find their place in the tough CAA this season.

Towson is trying to build on the momentum of a strong off-season and last week's 42-3 victory over Morgan State.

Villanova is attempting to show it still is one of the elite teams in FCS, after last week's disheartening 42-7 loss to a very good FBS club, Temple.

Patrick Hagerty of Villanova tipped a punt late in the first period to give the Wildcats excellent field position at the Tiger 19.

That set up Nick Yako for a 28-yard field goal attempt from the right hash as the second quarter began.

But showing some of the shakiness he encountered last season, Yako missed the kick narrowly wide to the right to leave the score at 7-0, Towson.

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  1. dcoulson's Avatar
    Towson avoided another pitfall when Enders fumbled early in the next drive, but the Tigers got the ball back and earned a first down at the Tiger 46.
  2. dcoulson's Avatar
    Towson used some good work from the "Wildcat" formation to gain a first down at the Villanova two, but Ronnie Akins stepped in to save a score by intercepting a pass by Grant Enders at the two.
  3. dcoulson's Avatar
    Towson has over 260 yards of total offense in the first half and is threatening again at the Villanova six in the final minute of the half.
  4. dcoulson's Avatar
    Time management has been great in the final moments of the half for the Tigers, who finally got a time out with seven seconds left and now face third and goal at the three.
  5. dcoulson's Avatar
    Terrance West powered over for his first career touchdown to give Towson a 14-0 lead with one second left in the half. It was a 10-play, 57-yard drive for the Tigers.
  6. dcoulson's Avatar
    For the second time tonight, Villanova had a long drive ended by losing a fumble and Towson responded by taking the ball up the field and scoring a touchdown. It is 21-0 Towson with 8:41 remaining in the third period.
  7. dcoulson's Avatar
    Dustin Thomas was knocked out of the game on a Villanova drive, taking a hard hit to the head. But Christian Culicerto came on to throw a TD pass to Kenny Miles. It was Culicerto's second career TD pass and the first touchdown ever for Miles. It is Towson 21, Villanova 7 with 6:30 left in the third period.
  8. dcoulson's Avatar
    Villlanova made a stop at the Towson 44 on fourth and inches, with Marlon Johnson and Ronnie Akins making the hits, but Mikey Reynolds lost the handle on the ball on the very next play to ruin the Wildcats' momentum.
  9. dcoulson's Avatar
    Grant Enders snuck for a first down on fourth and inches, moving the ball to the Villanova 16 in the final minute of the third quarter.
  10. dcoulson's Avatar
    Villanova held on third and 13 to force a 36-yard field goal attempt from D.J. Sovern. Sovern nailed his first career attempt to make it 24-7 Towson with 14:29 remaining.
  11. dcoulson's Avatar
    Christian Culicerto, the Villanova senior walk-on, had the Wildcats on the move again, moving his team to the Towson 15. He just missed on a pass inside the five and fumbled an exchange to the 19, but hit Mikey Reynolds to set up a fourth and nine from the 14.
  12. dcoulson's Avatar
    Mark Hamilton hit a 31-yard field goal to cut Towson's lead to 24-10 with 10:35 remaining.
  13. dcoulson's Avatar
    VU QB Dustin Thomas has a sprained left shoulder and is out for the game.
  14. dcoulson's Avatar
    Derrick Joseph raced 85 yards with a kickoff return for Towson and was stopped by Eric Loper, who forced him out at the 12, just a split second before Joseph lost the ball through the end zone on a fumble that would have given Villanova back the ball on a touchback.

    Dominique Booker's second effort at the goal line resulted in his second TD, this one on the ground to make it 31-10 Towson with nine minutes remaining.
  15. dcoulson's Avatar
    A fourth-down pass at the Towson 25 ended another deep Villanova penetration without a score. It is still Towson leading 31-10 with under five minutes left.
  16. dcoulson's Avatar
    Towson strung together enough first downs to run out the clock and conclude its 31-10 victory.