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David Coulson

James Madison at Liberty, 2011

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LYNCHBURG, VA. There is an electric atmosphere at Williams Stadium tonight as James Madison and Liberty faced off before a packed stadium.

JMU has had its issues on offense, so it was surprising to see the Dukes take the ball after winning the coin toss. It proved to be a good move by coach Mickey Matthews as the Dukes broke free to their own 45 on the opening kickoff.

After two awful option plays accounted for negative yardage, JMU quarterback Justin Thorpe put a throw up for grabs on third down. Liberty's secondary played too passively on the pass for a long first down to Renard Robinson for 31 yards.

Tailback Dae'Quan Scott followed with a quick burst for 24 yards to set up his three-yard TD run a few plays later. JMU marched 55 yards in seven plays, burning almost four minutes off the clock to take an early 7-0 lead.

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  1. dcoulson's Avatar
    Liberty moved the ball into scoring position before a chop-block penalty stymied the Flames. All-American kicker Matt Bevins was called in on fourth down for a 43-yard field goal attempt, but kicked the ball low and had it partially blocked by D.J. Bryant, ending a string of 16 consecutive successful kicks over the course of two seasons.

    This game has been a penalty fest for both sides thus far and thew score remains 7-0, JMU, with four minutes left in the first period.
  2. dcoulson's Avatar
    A 61-yard completion between QB Mike Brown and B.J. Hayes gave Liberty a first and goal, but JMU's defense stiffened and a 15-yard personal foul on center Jay Weatherington set up another 43-yard field goal attempt. The kick again was blocked by Matt Bevins. Bevins came off the field limping with what appeared to be a right groin injury. The score is JMU 7, Liberty 0 at the 12:57 mark of the second quarter.
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  3. dcoulson's Avatar
    Cameron Stark completed a JMU drive with a 32-yard field goal to give the Dukes a 10-0 lead with less than five minutes remaining in the first half.
  4. dcoulson's Avatar
    After a 28-yard pass play from Mike Brown to Ervin Garner, free safety Jakarie Jackson got burned by Chris Summers in the end zone, but recovered to knock the ball away at the last moment and saved a TD. But a roughing the passer hit on Brown gave JMU a 15-yard penalty two plays later and a first down at the JMU 19.
  5. dcoulson's Avatar
    Another roughing the passer penalty against JMU gave Liberty a first and goal at the six.
  6. dcoulson's Avatar
    JMU's defense came up big in the red zone again. Officials let some heavy contact go in the corner of the end zone on third and eight, but Liberty finallly scored on a 24-yard field goal by Alex Kacere. All-American klcker Matt Bevins hasn't moved off the training table since the second of his two misses.
  7. dcoulson's Avatar
    At halftime, it is JMU 10, Liberty 3. The teams seem to be somewhat tight and a lack of discipline had led to numerous penalties on both sides, making for a sloppy half of football. Here is hoping both squads some their true stuff in the second half.
  8. dcoulson's Avatar
    After combining for 112 yards of penalties in the first half, JMU was penalized 15 yards on the second half kickoff. Liberty is moving on the ground and has a first and 10 at the JMU 19.
  9. dcoulson's Avatar
    After a penalty put the Flames at first and 16, Mike Brown made a nice play fake and hit tight end Tommy Shaver for 17 yards and a first and goal at the JMU eight.
  10. dcoulson's Avatar
    Mike Brown vaulted into the end zone on a scramble on third and goal from the two to tie the game at 10 with 9:33 left in the third period.
  11. dcoulson's Avatar
    Scott came back to score on a 10-yard run to put JMU back in front, 17-10, with 4:32 left in the quarter, ending a 10-play, 74-yard drive that ran nearly five minutes off the clock.
  12. dcoulson's Avatar
    Mike Brown got rid of the ball just before getting drilled and hit B.J. Hayes for 28 yards to the JMU 13. Brown then hit Hayes on third and two from the five for the game-tying TD with 57 seconds left in the third quarter. Hayes has career highs of nine receptions and 158 yards. We should be headed for a great fourth quarter.
  13. dcoulson's Avatar
    A very poor roughing the passer penalty on Liberty kept alive a JMU drive to set up Scott's third TD burst of the night. It is JMU 24, Liberty 17 with 12:16 remaining.
  14. dcoulson's Avatar
    Jakarie Jackson saved a touchdown again at the goal line with an interception to give JMU the ball back with 11 minutes remaining.
  15. dcoulson's Avatar
    A near disaster for JMU occurred when QB Thorpe made a bad pitch, but the Dukes recovered the fumble and punted the ball away on fourth and 16. Liberty started the next drive at the JMU 47 with 9:14 to play.
  16. dcoulson's Avatar
    All-American Chris Summer had been mostly a decoy all night until Mike Brown hit him on a skinny post for 43 yards with 7:45 left for a game-tying touchdown. It is 24 all.
  17. dcoulson's Avatar
    A big third down completion for Liberty from Brown to Summers moved the ball to the JMU 35, but was negated by a holding penalty. Brown was sacked on the next play to force a Liberty punt with 2:11 remaining. The Mike Larsson punt rolled to the JMU 25 for 59 yards.
  18. dcoulson's Avatar
    Kerby Long made a great third-down catch to the Liberty 37 with less than a minute to play.
  19. dcoulson's Avatar
    With 40.7 seconds left, JMU has a third and four at the Liberty 31.
  20. dcoulson's Avatar
    Thorpe ran the option keeper for four yards and a first down at the Liberty 27. Scott then pounded the ball inside for four yards to the 23 and JMU ran the clock down to two seconds before calling time out to set up a 40-yard field goal attempt.
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