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North Dakota State @ Minnesota

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN--I am at the new University of Minnesota TCF Bank Stadium. One note is that the press box is in the far east end zone so it offers a unique siteline.

This game between the Bison and the Gophers is one that Minnesota is looking for revenge after NDSU upset the Gophers in 2007 27-21. Minnesota won the 2006 contest by blocking a field goal attempt as time expired 10-9.

NDSU is 4-3 since moving up to the Division I ranks against FBS teams, including a 6-3 victory over the Big 12's Kansas victory last year.

This year's game likely will be how good NDSU can contain Minnesota quarterback MarQuuies Gray. He has been the top offensive performer in Minnesota's 1-2 record so far.

NDSU has a 2-0 mark coming into this game with two wins over FCS Pennslyvania schools at home.

I think this game will be close like the past two Gopher - Bison games. I have predicted that the Bison will win a close one in the past and believe that will be the case this year as well.

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  1. Kent's Avatar
    Minnesota won the toss and will receive the opening kickoff.
  2. Kent's Avatar
    Minnesota returns the opening kickoff out to their own 21 but an block in the back foul on NDSU (some how) so they will start at their own 32.
  3. Kent's Avatar
    Minnesota converts a 3rd and 9 with a 16 yard pass to their own 49.
  4. Kent's Avatar
    Minnesota converts their second 3rd down play. Currently the Gophers are down to the NDSU 33.

    We have 11:35 left in the opening qtr.
  5. Kent's Avatar
    Minnesota gets another first down down to the NDSU 16.
  6. Kent's Avatar
    Minnesota has a 1st & goal now at the 4 and get in from there on the first play. Minnesota leads 7 - 0 qirh 8:39 left in the first qtr.
  7. Kent's Avatar
    The Minnesota kickoff is returned by Ryan Smith out to the Bison 35 yard line.
  8. Kent's Avatar
    NDSU is hurt by a 15 yard chop block penality and now face a 3rd and 16.

    NDSU get sacked but a 15 yard illegal hands to the face by Minnesota keeps this drive alive at their own 44 currently.
  9. Kent's Avatar
    NDSU had now driven down to the Minnesota 34 but face a 3rd and 4 now.
  10. Kent's Avatar
    NDSU is down to the Gopher 22 and now face a 3rd and 4 to keep the drive alive.
  11. Kent's Avatar
    An offside foul by Minnesota keeps the drive going. NDSU 1st 10 from the Gopher 17
  12. Kent's Avatar
    A pass by Bison QB Brock Jenson to WR Warren Halloway and a nice run by DJ McNorton has NDSU down to the Gopher 1 yard line as we end the first qtr.

    NDSU will have it 1st & goal from the 1 as we start the 2nd qtr.
  13. Kent's Avatar
    Jensen scores on a 1 yard qb keeper on the first play of the 2nd qtr. NDSU ties the game at 7- 7 with 14:57 left in the 1st half.
  14. Kent's Avatar
    The NDSU kickoff is returned to the Minnesota 29.
  15. Kent's Avatar
    Minnesota has a third down and 6 after two plays.
  16. Kent's Avatar
    Minnesota converts the first down but a Coulter Boyer sack and an incompletion has U of M at a 3rd and 12
  17. Kent's Avatar
    Leevon Perry sacks Gray (NDSU's third sack on this drive) and forced a Gopher punt.

    NDSU fair catches the punt at their own 17. We have 11:17 left in the opening half.
  18. Kent's Avatar
    Just a stat from the SID from NDSU. QB Brock Jensen has completed 13 straight passes over two games (the Bison school record is 16).
  19. Kent's Avatar
    NDSU is driving with two passes (15 in a row now) deep. NDSU is now a the Minnesota 32.
  20. Kent's Avatar
    NDSU now is at the Gopher 12 with 8:25 left in the opening half.

    A Jensen QB scramble has NDSU down ot the Minnesota 3 with a 2 & 1.
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