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Pre-Playoff Projections

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With the playoffs starting today, I thought I would give my projections on how I think the playoffs will go throughout.

We shall see if my projection come true or not (Home teams in orange)

1st Round Projections
James Madison over Eastern Kentucky
Stony Brook over Albany
Old Dominion over Norfolk State
Central Arkansas over Tennessee Tech

2nd Round Projections
#1 Sam Houston State over Stony Brook
Montana State over New Hampshire
Northern Iowa over Wofford
#4 Montana over Central Arkansas
#3 Georgia Southern over Old Dominion
Appalachian State over Maine
Towson over Lehigh
#2 North Dakota State over James Madison

Quaterfinal Projections
Montana State over #1 Sam Houston State
#4 Montana over Northern Iowa
#3 Georgia Southern over Appalachian State
#2 North Dakota State over Towson

Semifinal Projections
#4 Montana over Montana State
#2 North Dakota State over #3 Georgia Southern

National Championship Game
#4 Montana over #2 North Dakota State @ Frisco, Texas

We shall see if my projections (which has a definite West flavor) will come true. It has been a dream of mine for several years to have two West teams in the title game.

I see Montana coming out with their third national title in its storied history.

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  1. Kent's Avatar
    Well, I am 4-0 thus far so I am off to a good start after the 1st round. We shall see next week if my 2nd round is as good.