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Ralph's Report

Following the FCS Scoreboard (from the Georgia Southern pressbox)

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And we're underway in Statesboro. I'll be following all the games of the day here, updating as we go.

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  1. rwallace's Avatar

    3Q Old Dominion 35 Georgia Southern 41
    Halftime Maine 13 Appalachian State 6
    Halftime Central Arkansas 0 Montana 31
    2Q Stony Brook 0 Sam Houston State 3
    2Q New Hampshire 10 Montana State 0
    1Q Lehigh 3 Towson 0
    4:00 pm James Madison @ North Dakota State
    5:00 pm Wofford @ Northern Iowa

    See the post later in this blog for the updated scores
    Updated 12-03-2011 at 03:00 PM by rwallace
  2. rwallace's Avatar
    GSU just ran down and scored, plain and simple. ODU came back with some reverses, scrambling and changing directions to tie the game.
  3. rwallace's Avatar
    GSU pushing nine yards a pop and fumbled it away. But ODU couldn't do a thing with the turnover. Still tied at 7 1Q 4:03
  4. rwallace's Avatar
    Just about the end of the 1Q, GSU ran it in again to lead 14-7 1Q 1:04
  5. rwallace's Avatar
    Nice pass on that last TD drive for GSU.... end of 1Q 14-7 ODU trails

    Goodwyn looking decent
  6. rwallace's Avatar
    Heinicke looking good on that ODU drive with a long scramble and passing, including the TD pass to tie the game at 14 for ODU, 13:34 2Q
  7. rwallace's Avatar
    Starting soon in Boone and Missoula

    2:00 pm Maine @ Appalachian State
    2:05 pm Central Arkansas @ Montana
  8. rwallace's Avatar
    Missouri Valley refs today at GSU
  9. rwallace's Avatar
    another run TD for GS now up 21-14 2Q 8:37
  10. rwallace's Avatar
    and 1:01 later Heinicke throws a 44 yard TD pass to tie the game at 21 for ODU 7:28 2Q
  11. rwallace's Avatar
    a wide open TD pass for GSU to take the lead 28-21, 2:22 2Q
  12. rwallace's Avatar
    47 yard beat the blitz TD pass for ODU to tie the score at 28, :26 2Q
  13. rwallace's Avatar
    halftime in Statesboro where a total of 56 points went up, big plays for ODU and GSU being GSU.... 28 all
  14. rwallace's Avatar
    Welcome back to the second half and the first play went 76 yards running TD for GSU to lead 35-28
  15. rwallace's Avatar
    aided by a pass interference and some nifty Heinicke passing, the TD, tied at 35 11:47 3Q
  16. rwallace's Avatar
    the 3:00 pm games are starting Stony Brook @ Sam Houston State and New Hampshire @ Montana State

    and GSU runs in another TD but ODU blocked the PAT (151 straight PAT streak ends) and the Eagles lead 41-35, 3:45 3Q
  17. rwallace's Avatar
    206 yards rushing for Swope, most since Jason Foster in 2007 vs. Wofford, over 800 yards of offense in this game so far... photo by Frank Fortune

  18. rwallace's Avatar
    GSU stops ODU on downs and is now on the ODU 15 ... end of 3Q - only one punt in the game so far 41-35 GSU
  19. rwallace's Avatar
    questionable fumble recovery for ODU at the Monarch 2 thwarts GSU
  20. rwallace's Avatar
    GSU forces a fumble by ODU and GSU is on the ODU 32, 10:04 4Q leading 41-35
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