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Northern Iowa @ Wisconsin, Sept. 1

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MADISON, Wis--I am in Madison today to see if Northern Iowa can pull off the upset against the Badgers. It is a nice day in central Wisconsin with temps right now in the upper 70s.

Wisconsin is ranked #12 in both of the FBS polls. UNI is ranked #9 in the College Sporting News and Sports Network Polls within the preseason.

Coach Mark Farley is entering his 12th season as the head man for UNI and has won from the start--winning 60 of his 80 contests.

UNI is coming off a share of the MVFC crown and fell in the third round of the playoffs last year at Montana.

This game between the Big 10's Badgers and the Panthers is the first in the two schools histories.

Wisconsin is coming off a Big 10 title but return just 11 starters this year but the most high profile is running back Montee Ball, who finished fourth last year in the Heisman Trophy voting.

UNI returns just 12 full starters and 2 specialists. The players to watch to begin the season for the Panthers include two running backs in David Johnson and Carlos Anderson. On defense, cornerback Varmah Sonie is the team leader.

One big question mark for the Panthers is the quarterback position with Tirrell Rennie having used his eligibility. Redshirt freshman Sawyer Kollmorgen will be the starter for the Panthers today. For a first time start, the 80,000+ in Camp Randall Stadium may be a little intemedating.

Here's to hoping he can suprise us an provide a close game. I know many so-called experts are saying this will be an easy win for the Badgers but I don't think that will be the case. '

I think Wisconsin will wind up winnnig but believe UNI will hold it close until the fourth quarter. I will take Wisconsin by 17 but believe UNI will be within a score after three quarters.

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  1. Kent's Avatar
    The Wisconsin kickoff goes for a touchback. UNI will take over at their own 25.
  2. Kent's Avatar
    Anderson with six yard reception on the first play.

    Wright with a two yard loss on the second down and the third down play is an incompletion.

    Bernard gets a bad punt off--going out of bounds at the UW 47. It is just a 24 yard punt.

    We have 6:18 left in the opening half with UW leading 6-0.
  3. Kent's Avatar
    Wisconsin gets a pass from O'Brien and a short gain from Ball to get to the UNI 41 and a first down.
  4. Kent's Avatar
    UNI's defense steps up on the next two plays--a sack by Tim Clark and a loss in run play by UW's Ball.

    UW, however, converts a 3rd & 22 to Jacob Pederson of exactly 22 to get a first down at the UNI 31.
  5. Kent's Avatar
    Ball gets six yards on two runs on the next two plays to set up a 3rd & 4 from the UNI 25.

    Ball gets his biggest run of the day to the UNI 11 to set up another 1st down.

    We have jsut 1:40 to go in the opening half.
  6. Kent's Avatar
    Ball gets one on first down. 2nd & 9 from the 10.

    UNI calls their second time out on defense. We have just 54 seconds left and UW will have it 2nd & 9 from the UNI 10 when we resume.
  7. Kent's Avatar
    O'Brien hits Abbrederis on the first play after the UNI TO on a 10 yard pass play in the end zone to give us the first touchdown of the day. PAT by French is good.

    UW 13 UNI 0 with 0:50 left in the opening half.
  8. Kent's Avatar
    Wisconsin's KO goes out of the back of the endzone for the touchback. UNI will take over at their own 25.
  9. Kent's Avatar
    Johnson gets 8 on the first play and one on the second down play.

    UNI will just let the clock go to halftime and settle being down just 13-0.
  10. Kent's Avatar
    UNI should feel good being down just 13 at the break. Wisconsin outgained UNI 205 yards to 45.

    UNI's defense is what has kept the Panthers in the game so far. The UNI offense needs to get something going in the second half to keep this game competative.

    UNI will receive the opening kickoff to start the second half though so maybe they can get it going to start the second half.

    Overall, the weather is cloudy due to whats left of Hurricane Isaac but no rain so far. It has stayed south of us here.
  11. Kent's Avatar
    The Wisconsin KO goes out of the end zone. UNI will start this opeing 2nd half drive at their own 25.
  12. Kent's Avatar
    UNI gets nothing on a run from Anderson and two incomplete passes from Kollmorgen to go three and out.

    4th & 10 from the 25 and Bernard's punt is returned to the UW 40. The punt covered 50 yards and was returned 15.

    We have 14:01 left in the 3rd qtr. Still UW 13 UNI 0.
  13. Kent's Avatar
    Wisconsin's Ball gets three on the first play. Then there is a pass drop on 2nd down.

    3rd & 7 from the 43 for UW.
  14. Kent's Avatar
    Ball gets a big gain on Ball on a screen pass to the Panther 41 and nearly broke it.
  15. Kent's Avatar
    White gets four on the next play and seven on the one after that (both on the ground) to get another UW first down to the UNI 30.
  16. Kent's Avatar
    Fredrick gets a big gain to the UNI 10 on a pass from O'Brien.

    Ball nearly gets in on the following play but is stopped just short of the goal line at the one.

    Ball gets it on 2nd & goal again and scores. PAT is blocked.

    UW 19 UNI 0 with 10:22 left in the 3rd qtr.
  17. Kent's Avatar
    Wisconsin's KO is taken by Anderson at the 3 and gets out to the UNI 21.
  18. Kent's Avatar
    Kollmorgen throws on 1st down and is incomplete after being hurried.

    Johnson gets two on the second down play to set up a 3rd & 8.

    Johnson gets seven on a screen pass to set up a 4th & 1. UNI will punt.
  19. Kent's Avatar
    Good coverage on the punt and UNI forces a three yard loss on the return after a 47 yard punt.

    1st & 10 for the Badgers a their own 20.
  20. Kent's Avatar
    After getting White for a loss on first down, White gets 10 on second down to set up a 3rd & 2.

    Ball gets the carry on third down and gets just one. UNI forces a three and out.

    The punt is fair caught at the UNI 25. We have 6:54 left in the third qtr and it is 19-0 Wisconsin.
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