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Northern Iowa @ Iowa, Sept. 15

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IOWA CITY, Iowa--I am in Kinnick Stadium today to see if UNI can do a little better against their second Big 10 game of the year. Remember, UNI narrowly lost to Wisconsin two weeks ago 26-21 and had a chance with the ball late to take the lead.

Last week, the Panthers had little opposition when they played their first home game of the year against DII Central (OH) State--winning 59-0.

It was just three years ago when UNI almost beat the Hawkeyes when they had two chances for a game winning field goal but had both attempts blocked for a 17-16 Iowa win.

This year, Iowa looks down after narrowly beating Northern Illinois and losing to in-state rival Iowa State.

To me, Iowa looks ripe for an upset and I would not be suprised if UNI travels north to Cedar Falls with a victory.

It is an absolute perfect day for football with temperatures currently in the mid-70s with almost no clouds in the sky.

This is my fifth or sixth trip to this stadium and the first time the game will start away from the 11:00am Central start.

The second half of the Wisconsin game impressed me with the play of redshirt freshman Sawyer Kollmorgan. He should some normal freshman jidders in the first half but seemed to grow up in the later half of play.

After playing in Wisconsin, I don't think any of the UNI players will be intimidated by the 70,000+ in this stadium.

I have called a couple upsets already this year and I am going to call another one today. I will take UNI by a late field goal that won't be blocked this time like it was three years ago.

But we shall see, Iowa seems to start slow each year and then grows so turnovers will play a key role in this one that I believe is two evenly matched teams.

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  1. Kent's Avatar
    Bullock gets five on a halfback swing pass to set up a 3rd & 1 from the 44.

    Bullock gets the first down with a run up the middle for a gain of two.

    1 & 10 for the Hawkeyes at the UNI 42 as the 1st qtr ends.

    Good first qtr for the Panthers. They need to stop the power running as it seems this is what Iowa is trying to do offensively.
  2. Kent's Avatar
    The Hawkeyes start the 2nd qtr with another Bullock run for a five yard gain.
  3. Kent's Avatar
    The 2nd & 5 play from the 37 was another Bullock run to the UNI 26 for a gain of 11.

    UNI needs to start sending some help to stop this running game.
  4. Kent's Avatar
    WR Keenan Davis gets a reception for Iowa to the UNI 13.
  5. Kent's Avatar
    Bullock with another run but there is a chop block foul on Iowa to send the Hawkeyes back 15 yards. 1st & 25 at the UNI 28.
  6. Kent's Avatar
    Bullock with another run but just for 2. He is also down on the field and looks like a serious injury for the starting running back for the Hawkeyes, who are light on running backs as it is.

    2nd & 23 from the UNI 26 when play resumes. We have 12:36 left with the Panthers still leading by three.
  7. Kent's Avatar
    Bullock walks off the field but it looks like the injury is in his shoulder.

    Kevonte Martin-Manly with a nice catch to get the Hawkeyes down to the UNI 10. 3rd & 7 from there.

    Davis catches the pass down to the UNI 1 but there is a flag. Offsides on UNI so that foul is declined.

    1st & goal for Iowa at the UNI 1.
  8. Kent's Avatar
    Weisman gets his second TD of game. Penalty flags fly after the score with a personal foul on Iowa after the play was over, which will be enforced on the kickoff.

    PAT is good.

    Iowa takes its first lead. Iowa 14 UNI 10 with 11:09 left in the 2nd qtr.
  9. Kent's Avatar
    Despite the touchdown on this past drive, UNI may be in luck without Bullock, who is more of a power back, in the lineup. We shall see if he returns but it did not look too good as he walked off the field.
  10. Kent's Avatar
    The Iowa kickoff, which will be from the 20 yard line due to the personal foul call, is returned by Wes Smith to the UNI 47--a 30 yard return.
  11. Kent's Avatar
    UNI tries a little razzle dazzle on the first play with a reverse to Kevin Vereen, Jr. but just for a four yard gain.

    The second down play results in a first down by on a nice throw from Kollmorgan.

    Johnson fumbes the next run up the middle after a big hit but it will have a video review. To be honest, I couldn't tell if he was down or not on this play.

    Looking at the replay, Johnson was down on the play so UNI will retain possession (he gained 6 on the play.)
  12. Kent's Avatar
    The officials confirm what I saw on the replay and the ball is back with UNI. UNI will have it 2nd & 7 from the Iowa 39. It was just a three yard gain actually--three yards were on the fumble.

    Nice throw and catch for UNI on the next play. 1st & 10 for the Panthers at the 20.
  13. Kent's Avatar
    Johnson with a four yard run.

    Chad Owens catches across the middle to get a 1st & goal for UNI a the Iowa 7.

    Owens is targeted on the 1st down play and catches it out of the end zone though to set up 2nd & goal.
  14. Kent's Avatar
    Johnson with a wildcat 2 yard gain on the 2nd down play. 3rd & goal from the 5. UNI calls time out on this critical play.

    We have 7:30 left in the opening half with Iowa winning by four.
  15. Kent's Avatar
    The 3rd down pass by Kollmorgen is knocked away.

    Sievertsen in for a 22-yard attempt and its good. UNI brings the score within a point.

    Iowa 14 UNI 13 with 7:24 left in the opening half.
  16. Kent's Avatar
    That would have been good to get a TD there for the Panthers. We will see how the Iowa offense is what seems to be without their power back Bullock.
  17. Kent's Avatar
    The UNI kickoff is sent back to the Iowa one yard line but is returned out to the Hawkeye 40.
  18. Kent's Avatar
    Greg Garmon is the running back for the Hawkeyes. He is targeted on a swing pss but can't handle the pass. 2nd & 10 for Iowa. UNI calls their second timeout before the 2nd down play.
  19. Kent's Avatar
    The second down play is a big pass catch by Martin-Manley for the Hawkeyes to the UNI 34.
  20. Kent's Avatar
    Iowa going with the hurry-up offense. Two runs by Garmon have the Hawkeyes has Iowa down to the UNI 20.

    A holding call on the 1st & 10 play sends Iowa back to the UNI 30. 1st & 20 from there for Iowa.
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