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#2 Northern Iowa @ #1 North Dakota State

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FARGO, N.D.--After a little break in my coverage, I am back this Saturday in Fargo to see the top two teams in the GPI battle in this Missouri Valley Football Conference matchup.

Both teams have had a win over a BCS Big 12 team and both are ranked in the top of the ranks defensively.

This is the Trees Bowl at the Fargodome--the annual game that is sponsered by the ND Forestry Service.

Both teams are also coming off of impressive wins last week. NDSU winning at South Dakota State and UNI winning at home over McNeese State. Both opponents were ranked in the top 10 in each of the FCS polls prior to their games.

In this game, I think it will be a battle of defenses and what offense can crack the opponents. NDSU leads the country in giving up just 7.8 points per game and UNI is just behind with 11.8.

The home field for the Bison might help with a sold out crowd inside on a dreery day outside in Fargo. Nearly 19.000 screaming NDSU fans are expected to file inside.

The key for the Panthers will be to keep in close and to likely have some momentum early to keep the crowd out of the game.

I think UNI will keep it close but given the home field, the Bison defense and quarterback Brock Jensen, I believe NDSU will come out on top.

I can't wait to see this game. Last year around this same week, NDSU played Youngstown State who was rated in the Top 5 as well and gave them a pounding but this will not be that game I don't believe.

Let's get this started!!!!!

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  1. Kent's Avatar
    This place is going bananas now.

    Two incomplete passes by Kollmorgan.

    3rd & 10 at the UNI 17. Another incomplete pass.

    4th & 10 at the UNI 17 and UNI will punt wih 2:32 left in the game.

    Fair catch by NDSU at their own 34. 2:24 left in the game.
  2. Kent's Avatar
    1st & 10 at the NDSU 34. Ojuri with a huge carry to the UNI 40.

    1st & 10 at the UNI 40. Crockett to the outside and gets pushed out of boundsd with 1:44 left after a 3 yard gain.
  3. Kent's Avatar
    First timeout for UNI after a 3 yard gain by Ojuri.

    3rd & 4 at the UNI 34. Ojuri carries but only gets 3. 2nd time out UNI.
  4. Kent's Avatar
    4th & 1 at the UNI 31. NDSU will go and Ojuri gets the carry and doesn't get the first.

    UNI takes over at the NDSU 34.
  5. Kent's Avatar
    1st & 10 at the NDSU 34. Pass incomplete to Isaac Lintz.

    2nd & 10 at the NDSU 34. Pass incomplete to Johnson up the middle.

    3rd & 10 at the NDSU 34. C.J. Smith intercepts the Kollmorgan pass at the NDSU 36 and will take over.
  6. Kent's Avatar
    1st & 10 at the NDSU 36. Kneel down by Jensen. Time out UNI--their last. 1:08 to play.

    2nd & 11 at the NDSU 35. Another kneel down by Jensen.

    3rd & 13 at the NDSU 33. Last kneel down and the game is over.

  7. Kent's Avatar
    This was the battle of the top two teams and lived up to all the hype.

    What a game!!!!
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