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National Championship Eve

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Well, I made it to Frisco yesterday--a little later (about 4 hours later) than planned with a flight through Chicago's O'Hare airport where they received around 12 inches of snow in some parts of the Chicagoland area. But I did get to Frisco in time to see the Great Texas Barbecue Bowl where both teams had players/coaches bowl, shoot darts, and ride a mechanical bull, as well as to eat some great food at Frisco's Main Event (a sporting restaurant with video games and a bowling alley).

Today's lunch is planned at the NCAA Championship event, press conferences by both NDSU and Towson players/coaches this afternoon, and tonight I will be visiting NDSU's pep rally at Dr. Pepper Field (baseball field for Frisco's AA baseball team).

Just like the last two year's Frisco has embraced this championship game and I look forward to today's events.

I will get some photos up of each event up when I get a chance.

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  1. Kent's Avatar
    Here are some photos from the stadium, the press conferences from both NDSU and Towson and also from the NDSU pep rally at Dr. Pepper Park.

    To note, there were over 10.000 NDSU fans at the pep fest. What a showing by the Bison fans!!