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Chuck B.

FCS History: Georgia Takes On FCS Programs

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No, I'm not talking about the last three FCS matchups from the Georgia Bulldogs, where they [URL=""]made mincemeat of Western Carolina 45-16[/URL] (2007) [URL=""]throttled Georgia Southern 45-21[/URL] (2008), or [URL=""]shut out Tennessee Tech 38-0[/URL] (2009). I'm talking about the games where the Bulldogs faced off against Fordham in 1936 (to a 7-7 tie) and when they beat Villanova in Philadelphia's Municipal Stadium in 1953, 32-19. The [URL=""]About Dem Dawgs![/URL] has pretty cool writeups on both games. First, [URL=""]the Fordham game[/URL]:

[QUOTE]Only a couple of obstacles stood in the way of Fordham reaching its first bowl game in its history. In the first season of the Associated Press college football poll, the Rams were ranked third in the nation heading into their matchup with Georgia at New York's Polo Grounds. Undefeated with a record of 5-0-1 and well rested from a bye week, the Rams were coached by Jim Crowley --a member of Notre Dame's famed "Four Horsemen" and a one-time Georgia assistant in the late 1920s. Crowley's mighty line was tabbed the "Seven Blocks of Granite," featuring future Hall of Fame coach Vince Lombardi. [/QUOTE]

And [URL=""]the Villanova game[/URL] (scroll down):

[QUOTE]Villanova normally played its home games at its on-campus Villanova Stadium but on occasion, to draw bigger crowds, would host a non-eastern-region team, like Georgia in 1953, at Philadelphia's Municipal Stadium. A crowd of nearly 100,000 (official records note 97,803 spectators, newspapers reported 97,802—curiously, a difference of one spectator) witnessed the Wildcats, led by '52 All-American Gene Filipski, jump out to an early 12-0 lead only to see the Bulldogs score 26 consecutive points.[/QUOTE]

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