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Chuck B.

Cornell AD Andy Noel: "Oh, Those Blogs!

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In this new world of reporting news-as-it-happens, there are bound to be some rumors and leads that prove to not be true. But responding somewhat to "the blogosphere", Cornell AD Andy Noel came pretty close to blaming them for [URL=""]getting the facts wrong[/URL]:

[QUOTE]"That was all incorrect. There was no (situation where the) offer (for new head football coach Kent Austin) was turned down and then we sweetened the pot. That did not happen. [B][I]I'll also tell you the number of the blogs had us interviewing at least five people that we never even spoke to. Honestly. They're very good coaches and nothing against those individuals, but we had to select down to our top group of five or six and those individuals weren't in it. But I don't know. Some of those blogs...[/I][/B],"

-- Cornell athletics director Andy Noel, on rumors that Austin initially turned down the Cornell job.[/QUOTE]

In a head coaching search that takes more than a month - and one of the final head Division I head coaching vacancies to be filled (Bucknell's was [URL=""]filled just a day later[/URL]) - there are bound to be a few false starts. (Heck, even I reported the rumor that [B]Bill Lazor[/B] [URL=""]might be under consideration[/URL], based on an article in Cornell's student paper.) But Andy Noel was really taking aim at a popular website for head coaching rumors - [URL=""][/URL] - that used the actual words "Cornell may have sweetened the deal for a coach they interviewed early on".

However they got Mr. Austin as head football coach, by all accounts they seem to [URL=""]positively elated with their choice[/URL]:

[QUOTE]"This is a guy ... that can coach anywhere," Noel said. "And we're just fortunate. I'm a bit surprised that we're this fortunate to land a coach with his credentials, but I'm happy about it.

"I think, right now, this is by far the strongest coaching staff, across the board, that we've had since 1974 when I arrived," he said, long after most of the audience had departed. "People like (sprint football coach) Terry Cullen, who've been here longer, say this is the best that they've ever seen. You look across the board; we just have some phenomenal coaches, and I believe that we need a coach like Kent to go from traditionally in the middle of the league ... to the top."[/QUOTE]

Heard from the press conference, from a member of the press that may have been looking at the Cornell position with a bit of skepticism (since the Big Red hadn't won even a share of the Ivy League title since 1990), Austin [URL=""]had the right answer[/URL]:

[QUOTE]"I didn't come here to lose," he said. "And if I didn't think we could win, I wouldn't be here. I promise you that."[/QUOTE]

And [URL=""]one more interesting note on this hire[/URL]:

[QUOTE]Austin can partially thank former Brentwood Academy (Tenn.) high school teammate Mike MacIntyre for the Cornell coaching job. MacIntyre was the defensive coordinator at Duke University before being hired as San Jose State University's head coach on Dec. 17. On Dec. 23, former Cornell coach Jim Knowles resigned to become the defensive coordinator at Duke, thus paving the way for Austin's hiring.[/QUOTE]

You know who else can thank Mr. MacIntyre? Joe Susan, Bucknell's new head football coach, because one of the assistants that MacIntyre hired was no other than former Bucknell head football coach Tim Landis.

You know you can thank Cornell AD Andy Noel, too? Former Richmond head football coach Mike London (now at FBS Virginia). A day after Noel hired Austin, Lazor [URL=""]accepted a position at Virginia as quarterbacks coach under London[/URL]. (If that doesn't make you believe in chaos theory, nothing will.)

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