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Ralph's Report

Oops, AGS is not dead

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Following up on my "Demise of an old friend" blog post on 1/19/2010, it looks as though it was premature.

To paraphrase what Mark Twain once penned, the report of its death was an exaggeration. And quoting Mary Queen of Scots, the famous Monty Python skit, "I'm not dead yet!"

Any Given Saturday has resurfaced and here is the email I received:

Any Given Saturday has finished reloading for 2010 and has reopened. With our new reload comes new ownership. These new owners are not associated with any previous owners or management and consists of longtime members of AGS.

Our mission will remain the same, to continue as the largest and best national FCS forum community. You will see some small changes over the next few months. The biggest change you will notice is an ad program and the elimination of the political board. The others will be introduced slowly as we head to Spring football and the new season.

So welcome back and always remember, college football is much more than the game.

Thank you for your support.
To say the least, I am very happy about this new development. Not just for myself, a very avid FCS fan, but for the FCS community as a whole. Like I said before, AGS is the most active national FCS community forum. It is also the home of the most accurate FCS poll. So such a place that advocates our beloved FCS in a positive way is very important.


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Updated 02-12-2010 at 03:25 PM by rwallace

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