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2013 NCAA Division I Football Championship Game
Practice Day Quotes – Jan. 3, 2013

North Dakota State Head Coach Craig Bohl
On his team’s practices: “Our guys have come about. We’ve had really good preparation. We had really good preparation in Fargo (N.D.), and we’ve had some good work since we’ve been down here in Frisco.”
On Grant Olson playing in the game: “Well, we were a little bit concerned. It was a little bit touch-and-go. The great thing about Grant is nobody is as instinctive or intuitive or has a better understanding as to what we’re doing than Grant, so it was good to get him out there at practice.”
What to expect from Saturday’s game: “It’s difficult to say. I do believe Sam Houston is a better football team than they were last year. Last year, they were pretty one-dimensional offensively, but they’ve really improved their running game this year. I would anticipate it being a higher-scoring game this year.”
North Dakota State running back Sam Ojuri:
On splitting time at running back with John Crockett: “We’ve been doing this for a couple of years at North Dakota State. Instead of having one good back, we have two. It helps your body so much at this time of the season. We’re both feeling pretty good and fresh and it helps a lot knowing that one of us doesn’t have to take the entire work load. We both take pride in our work, and we’ve both gotten better each day.”
On facing Sam Houston run defense, which allows 84.1 yards per game: “They’ve done a good job this year getting to the ball and slowing the run. We think we have a good game plan to counteract what they do. I guess we’ll see on Saturday.”
North Dakota State running back John Crockett:
On splitting time at running back with Sam Ojuri: “I don’t know if we necessarily feel ‘fresh,’ but probably better in game 15 than if just one guy were handling the load.”
On facing Sam Houston run defense: “They’re darn good, and we understand that. But we’re pretty good, too. They have players, we have players. They have athletes, we have athletes. Should be a battle of the titans.”
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